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The Twenty-sixth Year

Yule -- Fettburg

December 7, 1991 (AS XXVI)

From The Page (December, 1991):

All gentles throughout the known world are welcome-to the Baron and Baroness of FettBurg's Yule Tide Revel. Christmas will be celebrated in a traditional fashion with plays, games and lots of merrymaking. The hall is a wet site and there is no closing time, therefore we may make merry until the cock crows.

Here are the particulars of the event: the site will open at 3 P.M. and close when the revelry dies out. Site fee is $3, with children 12 and under free. The meat for the feast will be provided, all others attending are to bring dishes feeding eight to ten people. Main dishes, side dishes and desserts are all most welcome. Activities for the evening will include the feast, dancing, a play, holiday games and anything else we come up with before the event. Parents, please bring a gift for us to give out labeled with your child's name. Keep it in the area of $5. There will be other children's activities also.

Contests: Best table setting with a Christmas theme, tastiest potluck dish (does not require documentation), best costume with a Christmas theme (documentation helpful but not necessary), best toast to the Baron and/or Baroness (to be judged by the Baron and Baroness) and, finally, the Blue Bowl competition will be any king-of-bread (documentation required).

Autocrats: Madoc Sinclair (name/contact info) and Theodosia of Goldenvale (name/phone).

Directions: (omitted)

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