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The Twenty-sixth Year

Ship of Fools -- Eskalya

April 4, 1992 (AS XXVI)

From The Page (April, 1992):

The Schnapps has hit the fan this time! Join our intrepid trio as they decipher the mysteries of the German-in-any-Mode contest, the dangers on the Wacky World of Weapons Tourney, and the Twisted Shysters music event. Where, you ask, is this stupendous event of mythic proportions going to be held? Please bring foodstuffs, for we shall provide what we can, but are not responsible for starvation. Along with all the regular events, there shall be a bashing of the French. Whether or not (or how) any of these events shall be organized is yet to be seen. PLEASE NOTE: All entries into the "German-in-any-Mode" contest will be given to the Purgatorio Autocrat, to later be auctioned off for travel funds. PLEASE NOTE SOME MORE: ALL proceeds from this event will go to the Purgatorio fund.

Autocrat: Thomas DeChance (name/phone).

Directions: (omitted)

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