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The Twenty-sixth Year

The Old Buzzard Inn -- Eskalya

April 25, 1992 (AS XXVI)

From The Page (April, 1992):

"Where Everything Has Its Price and Nothing Is Free."

The Old Buzzard Inn will again open its doors. Innkeepers Sorcha and Grania cordially invite you to join them for an evening of revelry and fun.

For the nominal fee of $8.00 you can purchase a bag of tokens to use for your evening's purchases. Possible purchases are food (yes, you do have to buy it with tokens'), non-alcoholic beverages and numerous auctioned items. Items to be auctioned include: leather pouches, a back rub or two, scented baby oil and whatever else we can come up with. Further, extra tokens will be available for purchase from the Innkeepers should you find yourself running short. (NOTE: Auctioned items may be purchased with cash or check-everything else will be purchased with tokens.)

Ye Olde Tavern atmosphere will prevail as the Innkeepers make a valiant attempt to assist in raising money for the upcoming Purgatorio to be held in Anchorage, AK. Serving wenches, games, tavern fare and a good time are always offered at The Old Buzzard Inn.

For those of you who enjoy fighting, Bran MacNish is sponsoring the "Old Buzzard Tournament". The tournament will run for one hour and the fighter with the most kills in the time period will be claimed "Old Buzzard For A Day". The tournament prizes include a drinking mug worthy of an "Old Buzzard" along with numerous and sundry privileges (to be detailed at the time of the tournament) throughout the evening at The Old Buzzard Inn. The entry fee for the Tourney will be 1 gold token.

Fare for the day will include stew served in trenchers, meat pastries, bread pudding, and various other tavern style foods.

As we are attempting to raise money for Purgatorio, we plea to the populace for goods to sell at auction. Items that seem to sell really well are period accouterments (i.e., dishes, flatware, garb, tankards, pouches, knives, etc.) NOTE: The last fundraiser Old Buzzard Inn raised over $700 - we want to beat that amount this time.

Here's how the event works: When you arrive and pay your site fee you will be given a pouch of tokens. Nothing is free at the Buzzard Inn (although our prices are reasonable). If you are hungry, go to the kitchen and one of our cheerful staff will accept your tokens for purchase of food and/or non-alcoholic drink. Throughout the evening various auctions will be held for raising funds. Games and activities will be provided for children also (such as Pin the Beak on the Buzzard and a specially designed "Buzzard Quest")-but they too will go under the "pay as you play" plan. Don't worry if you run out of coinage- more will be provided at a nominal fee, if needed.

The Buzzard Inn will remain open until 2:00 A.M. the following day to ensure our patrons have enough time to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Autocrat: Sorcha Camaroon (name/phone).

Directions: (omitted)

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