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The Twenty-sixth Year

Baroness' Birthday -- Eskalya

March 7, 1992 (AS XXVI)

From The Page (March, 1992):

Come one, Come all, help us celebrate Penny's First Birthday Revel. Site fee is $6.00 for adults and $1.00 for children (includes $1 Purgatorio Head Tax).

There will be lots of things for everyone. Artisans: Her Excellency has requested you bring your crafts to show. Fighters: There will be Two Tournaments for your participation. The first, starting at 12:00 will be for the interim Baroness' Champion. The second tourney will be for the Baronial Guard. It will be a team melee competition of three person teams. Cavaliers: Her Highness, Princess Aryana, is sponsoring a Hand Kissing Competition. Best practice your finest form gents. Cooks: Edible Shamrocks are the thing. Show your skill with a skillet. This competition is open to everyone who believes that Green is Good. Bards: Birthday poetry is the theme for this contest. Prizes to the best spoken poem to celebrate Her Excellency's Day. Feasters: Bring your bowls plus anything alcoholic you wish.

Autocrat: Magnus Vanderman (name/phone).

Directions: (omitted)

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