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The Twenty-sixth Year

Fall Equinox Revel -- Earngyld

September 21, 1991 (AS XXVI)

From The Page (September, 1991):

Come, gentles and burly alike. Summer and winter, day and night, once again draw equal. Share with other stout hearts the harvests of our Earngyld. Join us at Skater's Cabin for an afternoon and evening of revel and celebration.

The cabin will be occupied from 10 A.M. with hot cider, bread, cheese, fruit and sausage. Armor inspection will be from 11-11:55 A.M. The Equinox Warrior's contest will begin promptly at Noontide and continue until the sun is halfway back to the horizon (3 P.M., if it s cloudy). Evening feast will be just before and during sunset. Highland Bardic will begin after the dishes are cleared.

Site fee will be $3/person, $5/family, proceeds over cost will be donated to Earngyld. Two prize contests will be held:

1. A Harvest Dessert Contest - Entrees must feature fruit or berries harvested locally (but you could have froze them). Judging shall be cast by the secret ballots of all who partake in evening feast dessert.
2. The Equinox Warrior's contest - This is not a regular dueling tournament. A warrior will be picked who has exemplified not only dueling ability but, endurance, teamwork, survivability and ready promptness (this contest will start at Noontide, whether you are ready or not).

In addition there will be a Box of Fates. Each person should come prepared to write on a slip of paper an activity, task or ordeal to be submitted to the Box of Fates. These slips MUST include the name of the writer. If at the beginning of Highland Bardic, anyone's name is missing from the box of Fates, they shall be first to pull a fate from the box and complete it. All others may yet avoid this.

Highland Bardic is NOT passive entertainment. Beginning with the Equinox Warrior and continuing with the selection of the next individual by the last, all shall in turn be prepared to tell a story, share a poem, sing a song, play a tune, or draw from the Box of Fate and perform its' onerous task. The Equinox Warrior as an exemplar of more than brute force bears a special responsibility to bring an offering to this bardic. If this warrior brings no offering, then their fate is already sealed. Their task will be to purify and wash their sloth away in the water of the lake in as bold a manner as they are capable of.

So come ye stout hearted and rejoice in the power, grace and bounty of our land, together with friend this equinox.

Autocrat: Rowland MacAidan (name/contact info).

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