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The Twenty-sixth Year

Arts and Sciences / Page School Boffer Tourney -- Kingdom of the West

July 27-28, 1991 (AS XXVI)

From The Page (May, 1991):

Back by popular request, the West Kingdom A&S/Boffer Tourney is scheduled for the last week end in July. We choose that weekend ON PURPOSE because we know its usually the most miserable time of the year. SO, BEING THE KIND, THOUGHTFUL, INTELLIGENT PEOPLE THAT WE ARE, we decided to hold the A&S Tourney on that weekend. WHHYYYY!! Because it's going to be at the Petaluma-Two Rocks Coast Guard Station again. Where the morning fog doesn't roll back until 10 AM and the cool ocean breezes keep the heat at bay all day long. Be advised! We can't guarantee that the weather will be wonderful like the last two, three, four, five years have been. But ....

As you probably already know the objective of the A&S Tourney is to provide classes AND finance the A&S Publication. At the tourney you can attend classes under the trees in everything from metal thread embroidery to advanced fighter techniques to how to write your name in Arabic. Some class may require a small donation to cover supplies but you can walk away with something tangible you've created. We're working hard to expand the number and quality of hands on classes being offered and we'd really like to hear from you. We plan on holding adult classes both days this year. What would you like to attend and what are you willing/qualified to teach? Don't hesitate to call the autocrat or the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Officers.

Due to some unforeseen complications, the A&S Publication won't be ready until October Crown. We'll probably set up a table and anybody with a Sustaining membership can drop by and pick their personal copy up. Any copies left over are mailed. Hopefully next year we'll be back on schedule again. (or maybe we'll make a new schedule)

So go mark it on your calendar. Friday afternoon set up begins at 2PM. The site is under the trees around the lake. There's no swimming but bring lots of bread crumbs for the local inhabitants. Come join us for a week end of fun, relaxation and learning with 300 of your closest friends. So set up your tent or pavilion anywhere and kick back because its no morning court, no competitions and no sweaty fighters in the nonexistent eric!

This list isn't complete but for starter we're offering:

Buttonmaking; Scroll layout; Arabic writing; leather pouch tooling; pottery, coil method and - clay windchimes; Rolled Beeswax candles; Go, the game; Baskets; Early Celtic Shoemaking; Advanced Bellydancing; Basic Drawing for Calligraphers who want to be Illuminators; Decorative Chain Work; Background jewelry lecture; Japanese Kimono dressing; Beginning lace work; Dance interpretation from Lochac; Metal Thread Embroidery; Beginning Blackletter; Diapering; Male German Leather Landsknecht; Advanced Fighting; Robin hood hats; Cordial making; wood carving; Intermediate fighting; Blacksmithing Inkle weaving; Dance; Celtic Metal Spiralwork.

On Sunday the Page School will sponsor its Third Boffer Tourney. If you haven't seen these kids in action before you're in for a real treat.

Autocrat: Temparia (phone) Co-autocrats: Kingdom Sciences, Edwinna (phone) Kingdom Arts, Siranna (phone)

From The Page (July, 1991):

Come one and all! Young and ... young! This years Arts & Sciences Tournament has fun, frolic, learning and even fighting! And that's just for the kids! Once again we are gathering at Two Rocks Coast Guard Station in Petaluma. The site opens at 2 pm Friday the 26th. The site fee is $5 for adults and $2 for those 12 and younger. Since this is a military base, we remember that they require proof of car insurance to enter the base. If asked to show proof and you are unable to provide it, you'll have to park outside the gate and have someone ferry your gear onto the site. There will be no exceptions! We also remind you to obey all of the posted speed limits, especially in the 10 MPH Family Area. No pets are allowed (except for vikings) and no ground fires. There is no swimming in the pond, but fishing is allowed.

Page School Boffer Tourney
Saturday classes wil be divided into beginners and intermediates and may include candlemaking; beltmaking; clay candle holder making; Nine Men Morris set making; boller, shield and helm making; cooking (and eating!); and dance. There will be a charge for each class for materials, but we expect the charges for all classes for the day not to exceed $10 per page. The items made in these classes may be entered in the competitions on Sunday.

There may be a fighting quest and there will be a bardic circle on Saturday night. Prepare period songs, stories and puppets.

Sunday will be the Boffer Tourney to determine this year's Defender of the Oak. There will be a heavy division (90+ bs) and a light division (90 bs or less). Each fighter must fight for a consort of the opposite sex. List will be double elimination, sword-and-shield only, and the same rules as last year will apply: Long sleeved shirts and long pants AT LEAST must be worn. Gambezons are fine, but all blows must be counted as if unarmored. Helms must cover the head, be padded and provide rigid eye protection, but metal helms are not acceptable. Gloves are strongly recommended. Shields must be foam or hose edged. Boffers must fit into the fighter's armpit when his/her fingers securely grip the crossguard, no longer. No rigid material may extend further then 3" into the blade length.

Winners of all contests and the tourney will be presented at court Sunday afternoon. All pages should plan to attend (wearing their baldrics), as should their households. Pages should also bring their certification books. Baldrics and books can be purchased at the event for $3 each, and each page should have one of each.

Autocrat: Temparia Dmitryevna (name/contact info). Page School Adult autocrat: Cybi de Elmhurst, (phone), and the child autocrat is Jenna Breemore. If you wish to assist in any areas, (pages or adults), please contact one of them.

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