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The Twenty-fifth Year

Westermark vs. Brewer's Guild vs. the Forces of Nature War -- Westermark

March 30, 1991 (AS XXV)

From The Page (March, 1991):

(Note: It is unclear from the following if the original "Brewer's Guild / Westermark War" from the beginning of February had a problem with nature and was rescheduled, or if this is a completely separate event ...)

In the spirit of true medieval brotherhood, the West Kingdom Brewers' Guild and the Westermark have joined together like England and France (Hint, Hint) to dispiritedly discuss the merits of our brews. We have declared WAR on the opposing Forces of Nature, and once we have vanquished our foes by having good weather, we will meet again in a tavern as before, to amiccibly reconcile over a BUD (and if you believe this, I have a lovely plot of land on the Trimarian Waterfront for you--ed. Brewers.)

The site opens at 9am and closes at dark. Armor inspection will begin at 10, and fighting at 10:30. The silliness will include fighting and brewing-related activities. Come practice for the West/Caid War!

There will be no archery in the fighting, but there will be a Champion's Contest (fighting for your lady or lord? No, no, no, fighting for your favorite beer!). We also plan a barroom brawl--bring any suitable weapons (maces, mugs, fish, bread ... ) you have. Broadswords, pikes, etc. will be checked at the door of the bar! Since we have seen so many fine examples of weapons for this battle, there will be a prize for the best weapon.

Please bring brewing contributions: beer, mead, nonalcoholic beverages. In the interest of educating the populace; the Brewer's Guild is sponsoring a tasting of their fine wares. The Guild is also sponsoring the following contests: 101 uses for Bud (Beer 0' Da Westermark); armored beer-both armored/decorated bottles and drinking with your helm on; and silly drinking songs! There will be a jointly sponsored barbque in the late afternoon.

The site fee will be $4. Please carpool to the site, as parking is limited. No animals, please. Those with smalls should be aware of the steep dropoffs on the site. No ground fires are allowed, no sparks are allowed. Hibachis should be okay, depending on the weather between then and now. Please bring your own water to drink.

Autocrat: Halima de Ia Luz (name/address/phone) before 11Pm-:-a friendly recording scribe is standing by at all times. Merchants, please contact me; selling of nonalcoholic goods is permrtted. Brewers' Guild Contact: Laura Rydal of Grasmere (name/phone). A recording scribe is standing by here as well; and it does get lonely so please talk to it!

Directions: (omitted)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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