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The Twenty-fifth Year

Birthday Solstice Celebration -- Winter's Gate

June 15-17, 1990 (AS XXV)

From The Page (June, 1990):

Where: 1.5 Mile Chena Pump Road, College Area, Fairbanks, Alaska
Set Up: Starts 6:00 pm June 15.
SITE FEE: $15 adults, 12 & younger are free. Family rates available, we haggle, barter, trade. Contact AUTOCRATS.
AUTOCRATS: Godfry Caradoc of the Frozen Swamps & Sirena Del Cienega Cogelado (names/contact info).

Drag your pavilions to the British Isles. We are delirious in merriment & song for we celebrate the Sun. We also honor the birthdays of Sir Phalen Swordbreaker & your host Godfry.

Dust off your armor, re-nock your arrows, warm up your ovens, thread your needles & haul out your imagination. Experience combat on the misty moors, campaigns from the flats to the forest, & test your archery. Bring your most delicious breakfast breads to be judged at the 1st morning's meal, & any brew or liquid concoction to be judged at lunch. Any self made garb accessory, best example of period personal adornment in any form, (must be owrn), & most humorous of tales are competitions to be judged the 2nd day.

The site is on private property with plenty of space, but water on site is limited, we are primitive, but creative. "Set-up" evening a boiling pot of "stone" soup will accept your donations to be shared by all. Two breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 brunch & a fantastic evening feast will be provided.

Don't be shy with your questions or pre-date reservations. Bring your feet & we will dance, bring your mouths & we will sing, bring your instruments & we will make the music of the Fairy Folk & dream dreams of dreams.

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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