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The Twenty-fifth Year

Peers Meeting - Kingdom of the West

January 13, 1991 (AS XXV)

From The Page (January, 1991):


Their Majesties Eric and Aricia summon all Peers of the Chivalry, Laurel, and Pelicans to Peers Meeting-Part II. An agenda will be distributed at the meeting, and we will stick to it as much as possible, since we have to be out of the site by 5pm. Contrary to the announcement at Peers Meeting-Part I, Peers Meeting-Part II will not be held at Camp Herms. Instead, it will be at the Rollingwood Recreation Center in San Pablo. Carpooling is suggested, since there is only street parking. (Directions below.) The meeting will begin promptly at noon.

Since this is a business meeting, medieval dress is NOT required. Dress for comfort. You may also wish to bring chairs and cushions, since most folding chairs are not comfortable to sit in/on for several hours. The transcripts of Peers Meeting-Part I will be available at Twelfth Night. They will also be available through the mail, for those who are not able to attend Twelfth Night. Transcripts can be obtained by sending $4.50 ($2, plus $2.50 for postage) to the Chronicler (name/contact info). Make checks payable to SCA Inc.-The Page. Remember that we are looking for solutions, not just discussion of the various agenda items. We will again be using the red and green cards as indicators of opinion, so if you held on to yours, bring them along.

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