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The Twenty-fifth Year

October Crown Tournament

October 6-7, 1990 (AS XXV)

From The Page (September, 1990):

Kelly's Kamp in Lake County will be the site for October Crown again this year. The address is (omitted). The site will open at 2 on Friday, October 5, & close at 4:30 pm on Sunday, October 7.

The SITE FEES are $6 per adult & $3 per child (6-16). Children under 6 are free.

The site has potable water, some flush privies, con-operated showers, fixed bar-b-ques, & a man-made swimming hole. There is also a mini-store on-site where you can get ice, charcoal, firewood, beer, pop, snacks, & the like. The quiet end of camp will be in the same spot as last year. It is across a (probably) dry creek from the rest of camp, in a stand of trees, & boasts its own set of flush privies.

There will be a space for archery. It will be in the same field as last year.

PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE OVER 5 MILES AN HOUR AT ANY TIME ON THE SITE. Also, no driving on the Eric after dark on Friday, please. Please remember to remove all unlaoded vehicles to the parking area, & to keep RV's in the designated parking area.

No open fires will be allowed except for the BGardic Circle. ALL sources of heat (hibachis, stoves, lanterns, candles, etc.) must be kept OFF THE GROUND & NEVER LEFT UNATTENDED!

Dogs are okay, but they must be leashed at all times.

PARENTS ALERT: The site is not remarkably dangerous, but it is bounded by Scotts Valley Rd. on one side, & the creek on the other. It also has a swimming hole that is 12 feet deep at one end.

The MERCHANT'S FEE is $10 per booth. MERCHANT'S AUTOCRAT: Maelgwyn de Lyonesse. The fee will be collected on Saturday morning by Maelgwyn; please have your payment ready. Merchant's Row will start near the SE corner of the Eric & go at a diagonal toward the road.

DIRECTIONS: (omitted)

CO-AUTOCRATS: Edwinna of Hawksbluff & Weland of Yulewood. (contact info ...).

[NOTE: The Arts Competition for this event will be NEEDLEWORK (Bead Anything); The Sciences Competitions will be PRACTICAL SCIENCES: Brewing (Beers) & TECHNICAL SCIENCES: Crafts (Masks); & The Wooden Spoon Competition will be Oc-Tuber. If you have any further questions, see the January issue of the Page, or get in contact with the appropriate officers, listed in the back. Good Luck Everyone! GRIGORII]

From The Page (October, 1990):

(Page Copy is essentially the same, with the following above the note from Grigorii:)

There will be three hands-on Arts & Science classes being given during the event. A class on masque-making will be taught by Lady Temparia. This is an excellent opportunity to learn masque-making in preparation of the Black and White Ball scheduled to be held at Mists' Fall Investiture. Musicians! Hark! Mistress Keredwin will be teaching harp, so all you harpists, bring them and play. For you percussionists, a class on the playing of the dumbeck. For more information, listen at Court or see Lady Temparia at house Blackheart on site or speak to her via the farspeaker at (phone). -- Lady Temparia.

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