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The Twenty-fifth Year

Spring Canton Championship and Tourney -- Montagne du Roi

February 10, 1991 (AS XXV)

From The Page (February, 1991):

Come and visit the unspoiled jewel of the Kingdom, Montagne du Roi! We are proud to be able to offer the Gentles of the West the opportunity to leave their dreary winter abodes and join us in a fun-filled day of fighting and festive. Listen to the crashing of the surf mingled with the clashing of the sword! See Sea Lions and otters frolic while fighters flounder. The site is soothing Laguna Grande, within earshot and footwalk of the prized sands of the Monterey (thats Spanish for Montagne du Roi) Bay. Events are es follows:

A Canton Championshp for all of MdR's authorized (heavy) fighters: A Prize Tourney for all, with Pauldrons for 1st place, Elbow Cups for 2nd and a Basket Hilt for 3rd; A Javelin throwing contest, with a prize for the best javeliner; A Booty Melee. Bring an item worth a few dollars for the booty melee. Winner takes all!

An Arts and Sciences competition. The following are the categories for the judging: Best non-brewed beverage, i.e.: best spiced cider, mulled wine, herbed tea, etc.; Best Travel lunch, i.e.: a medieval picnic basket, Best Scroll, standard text to be used in a generic AoA scroll. All scroll entries will be donated to the Kingdom Scribe for later use.

Site opens at 9:30am, armor inspection starts at 10:30. Site fee is $4 for fighters, $3 for ron-combatants, half price for children 6-12, under 6 free. S~e is DRY! Site closes at sundown.

Charcoal for the BBQ pits will be provided and a tavern will have soup/stew and hot or cold beverages.

Autocrat: Inez McDonald (name/phone), or the Seneschal.

Directions: (omitted)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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