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The Twenty-fifth Year

March Crown Tournament

March 16-17, 1991 (AS XXV)

From The Page (March, 1991):

March Crown will be held at Coyote Lake county Park in Gilroy (Santa Clara County). The site fee is $7 per person, 6 and under free. Also, private campsites (with parking) are available at the additional cost of $8 per day. Merchants who chose to camp here will not be charged the merchants' fee. The site opens at noon on Friday and closes 5pm Sunday. Auto parking is extremely limited at this site so please carpool. Shuttles to remote parking will be available. No vehicles will be permitted on any of the unpaved areas. Ground fires are prohibited. Water on site may be in limited supply--consider bringing additional water.

The first arts competition of the upcoming season at March Crown will be 'Write and perform a "filk" ballad, praising someone in the Kingdom of the West.' May be sung or recited, limit 5 minutes. Provide a written copy for the Judges.

The Page School Session is Archery. There will be two sessions of Page School from now on: 11 am will be for ages 11-16; 2pm will be for ages 6--10. If you have questions with the schedule, please contact the Chancellor, Cillene MacRorie, listed in the back of the Page.

Beginning Sunday morning of March Crown, we will be having a Sunday morning get together to do fun, educational things. Some suggestions that have come up: period breakfast on the eric, morning progress games on the eric, dancing, learning an on-site skill, or nature walks. This will be a relaxing time for all-6 to 16-and any adults. Newcomers to the SCA are also welcome-Please join us! This will be happening every Sunday morning of every Kingdom level Event. (The exception will be Beltane this year due to the lengthy class schedule during the week.)

Goodies: at March Crown we will be unveiling the new Page School goodies! We plan to have available the Page School Coloring Book and the Page School Bardic Book. See the chancellor for copies or listen for the announcement at court.

Bring your target and combat gear, there will be both target and combat competitions, as well as a combat javelin competition. For further information contact Robert Under the Wood, Mists (phone) or Dietrich von der Weinbergen, Royal Company of Archers (phone).

Autocrats: Gregory of Grand Sea (name/contact info). Naarah bat Avraham (name/phone).

Directions: (omitted)

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