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The Twenty-fifth Year

Highland Games - Eskalya

May 5, 1990 (AS XXV)

From The Page (May, 1990):

Come ye now me Lairds & Lassies to where the Eskalya HEather (mundanely--dandelions!) blooms afresh to the 1st Annual Eskalyan Highland Games held at Eagle's Eyre (address, Eagle River, AK) on May 5th.

Fold the pleats into your kilts, grab your brats (the shawl kind, not the child kind--but bring them too, there are games for them to play) & come join us for a day of fun, frivolity, & celebration of the passing of Winter into Spring's bonny freshness.

The activities will keep you busy throughout the day. The site opens at 9am & will close before Monday morning (although the official event will end Saturday night or early sometime Sunday morning). The activities & competitions for the day are as follows:
HIGHLAND GAMES--to include Caber Toss, Stone Throw, Tug of War, Archery Competition, 3-legged Caber Carry, & Scotch Hop.
HIGHLAND GAMES (CHILDREN'S VERSION UP TO AGE 12)--Egg Race, Sack Race, 3-legged Race (no caber), Hobscotch, & Balloon Carry.
TOURNAMENT--A GRAZING MACE (tournament weapons will be maces, pole arms, great swords, axes, & war hammers only), shields are optional, but targes are preferred. ENTRANCE PRICE FOR TOURNAMENT is that the individual MUST compete in at least 1 Highland Game event! NO EXCEPTIONS (Prince Georg--of course, this does not apply to you!)
QUEST FOR THE HEART OF THE BRUCE--Bruch up on your Scottish History--you'll need it for this 1! Team of 4 requested.
GARB COMPETITION--Men--best kilt
       Women--best shawl/brat/scarf
CLAN COMPETITION--Best theft (the idea is to do it unnoticed). However, all stolen items must be returned by the end of the event.
BARDIC COMPETITION--Best original tall tale to be told at the Bardic Fire later in the evening (written copy would be nice, but not required.) Must be an original composition!!!
COOKING COMPETITION--Best Scottish Dessert! As tradition holds--for what is a Scot without his/her tradition--the judgeships for the dessert competition will be sold at auction. There will be 4 judgeships sold to the highest bidders. Funds raised will go to THE CHRONICLE & THE GUARDIAN. (I can't resist. The funds raised last year at May Revel funded THE CHRONICLE for a YEAR!!!)
ARTS & SCIENCES--Best floral in any Mode--be creative!!

With such a full day planned, of course we have to start early. As usual, we NEED PAVILIONS! Get them aired out, check the seals & basically help us create a true Highland Games atmosphere by having lots of pavilions. Please contact Lady Gwynneth (name/phone) to reserve your pavilion space. (Exact measurements ar enot required for May Revel, but they will be required for Renn Festival, so, bring your pavilion, seti t up, measure it to the guy lines & be preapred!) Pavilions may be set up as early as during the day on Friday & taken down sometime before the following weekend. Following is a very tentative & subject to change sequence of events:

9 site opens, 11 HIghland Games Begin (Games will continue for approximately 2 hours--this will give fighters a chance to etner at least 1 game competition in order to be eligible for the Tourney), ****, 1:30 Children's Highland Games (ages 4-12), 3 'A Grazing Mace' Tournament, 6 Court (It has been confirmed that Her Highness Princess Katarzina will be attending, & rumor has it that His Highness, Prince Georg may be attending also!) also, remember, this is the 1st Official Baronial Event of the New Year. Feast will directly follow court (or as close there as my feastocrat can time it!) Questing will follow the feast to assist the digestion. Bardic til we quit! This, weather permitting, will be an outside bardic around the firepit! (**** A "grazing table" luncheon will be provided. A soup will be part of the fare, so please bring your bowls & spoons.)

As many of you know, the site is good sized, but can become short on inside space with large attendance. Attendees are requestedt o bring: Pavilions, Feast Gear, Goblet, Tournament Equipment, Competitions Entries, Log for Bardic Fire, Bardic Equipment, Cloak/Blanket, Warm Garb, & Something to Drink (although not required, attendees are reminded that Scotch (in moderation) is the official drink of the day for those that indulge & are over 21!)

And finally, the part most imporant to the true Scot--the price: $8 for adults; $4 for smalls aged 2-12; & $2 for smalls under 2 (required Eskalyan Head Tax). All prices included head tax. Please contact the Autocrat for negotiations of a Family Rate if needed.

The Autocrat, Gwynneth McMorn of Eagle's Eyre (name) can be reached at (phone) for additional information. And I would early LOVE to hear from any & all who wish to render assistance!

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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