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The Twenty-fifth Year

Baroness' Birthday / Summer Solstice Extravaganza -- Eskalya

June 23, 1990 (AS XXV)

From The Page (May, 1990):

June 23, 1990, AS XXV, Barony of Eskalya, Oertha. Russian Jack Springs Park Picnic Area (maybe). 10 am to Midnight (or dark). SITE FEE: $5/adult, $2/small 12 years & under. Vender Fee: $5 per vender. AUTOCRAT: Penelope O'Suileabhain, (phone).

Welcome to the 1st annual Baroness' Birthday Celebration for our newest Baroness, her Excellency Vanora Gyldanheart. In her honor & for her pleasure please bring the fruits of your artistry & craftsmanship either for dsiplay or for sale to the Populace. There will be a table for heraldry consultation, & games both sedentary & active available throughout the day.

Archery (Markland Arrows, 30 lb. bows): 12 to 2 pm. Baronesss' Birthday Champion Tourney, heavy weapon & boffer demos, & newcomer tryouts: 1 to 5 pm.

Lunch & Feast will be provided-for-yourself or your group affairs with a prize for most period looknig setup. Facilities for cooking over charcoal & the like will be provided. (An offering of charcoal for the users thereof would be joyously received!) If you wish to host newcomers, please let me know how many. There will be entertainment (people who do something entertaining please feel welcome to contact me) & an auction (to benefit the Baronial coffers) during Feast.

A small court will precede dancing & bardic (hopefully around a campfire). A prize will be offered for a ballad, poem, or prose about the beginnings of Eskalya &/or Oertha. There will be an all day contest for the most complete costumes, & the best maintained & displayed personas. So how comfortable are you in your Medieval role? Come, add to the aura of the Middle Ages & celebrate!

From The Page (June, 1990):

(The copy starts similar to the May copy, but after the Autocrat information ...):

Welcome to the 1st Annual Baroness' Birthday Celebration for our newest Baroness, her Excellency Vanora Gyldanheart. In her honor & for her pleasure please bring the fruits of your artistry & craftsmanship either for display or for sale or trade. Also in her honor, there will be a Baroness' Champion Tourney, as well as y our own colorful presence! You are invited to come as your own favorate Persona as completely as you can manage. Part of the SITE FEE will be a Persona Description of yourself to include your time period, place, royalty &/or famous people you would know or know about, famous events that you would have participated in or would know about, foods available to you, anything else that's special to your persona. This information needs to be on a piece of paper to be collected at the sign-up table for an all-day contest. Newcomers (people who have been to fewer than 3 events) are exempt from this part of the SITE FEE.

Things available on site all day will be variou active & sedentary games, Gold Key for borrow, trade, or sale, & a heraldry table (hopefully) with consultants & forms.

Pavilions are welcome; their placement will be arranged by Sigismund von Keifer Tal (name/phone).

A tentative sequence of events will be as follows: (omitted)

For Bardic, I would like at least the 1st 5 or so pieces to be presentations of authentic period stories, poems, music, or theatrical stuff. The last few Compleat Anachronists have provided plenty of readily presentable material, as well as the material you & our libraries have.

Contests will be:
Find the Persona/Best Presented & Maintained Persona
Archery Contest
Baroness' Champion Tourney
Identity Quest
Most Period or Complete Feast Set Up
Best Liked by the Populace Entertainment
Prizes will be presented at Court.

Due to the cost of our events being to a large extent the price we pay for our food to be fixed for us, this event will be an experiment in bringing your own: please bring what you would like to eat, as much as you think you'll eat, & let me know if you would like to provide for 1 or 2 newcomers. This will apply to Lunch & Feast both. There will be charcoal portable fire-pits as well as the built-in, which can be fired up whenever you need them to be for onsite cooking or warming. Additional charcoal &/or fire-pits are welcome. Please contact Tenton Evermeer (phone), fire-pit coordinator. We will provide 15 gallons of potable water on site, for drinking, washing or cooking.

For information contact:

Archery: Ranulf of Arrows Keep (phone)
Tourney, Heavy & Boffer Fighting: Lorelei of Bergen (phone)
Gold Key, borrow, buy, or trade: Mora of Shadewood Keep (phone)
Pavilion space: Sigismund von Keifer Tal (phone)
Fire-pit Coordination: Trenton Evermeer (phone)
Entertainment Bardic Presentation coordination: Grania (phone)
Anything else: Penelope O'Suileabhain (phone).

Please let there be sun (don't forget your bug dope) & let's stay 'til dark!

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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