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The Twenty-fifth Year

Beltane Coronation

April 26-May 5, 1991 (AS XXV/XXVI)

From The Page (November, 1990):

The site fees for Beltane have now all been set as follows: children under 5 are free; children 5 to 12 pay $15; all over 12 pay $25. We are being charged by the campground for everyone over 5, but felt that it was fair to give a price break for kids. You pay for the age at the time of the event, not the age at the time of payment.

There is a pre-registration form elsewhere in this issue [center pull-out section]. Please do not send in money without a form. We realize that the form is long, but ask that you take the time to fill it out completely. The information we're asking for will make it much easier to plan an event that will be fun for everyone. By the way, do not worry about signing up and then not being able to go to the event. Tickets for this event are 1) transferable and 2) refundable (until a week before the event, with a good reason). If you're pretty sure you're going to attend, please sign up now.

Checks should be made payable to "West Kingdom Beltane, SCA Inc." Mail the forms and money to (name/contact info). All other questions and offers of help should be directed to Eilis O'Boirne, (address/phone)-no calls after 11PM.

From The Page (December, 1990):

Please pre-register for this event if you possibly can-we need an idea how many people will attend for planning purposes and we need money in advance to deal with pre-event expenses. The registration form is in the center of the PAGE. Please do not send in money without a form. Children's discounts will be figured by the child's age the day it walks onto the site-those with birthdays during the week will not pay the higher fees. Remember that, if you sign up and are not able to attend, your ticket is transferrable to someone else.

We are already planning the following activities:

Sunday: "Land Fund Day", a mini-Ducal Prize featuring some of the best of the competitions and an auction.

Tuesday: "The Princesses' Tourney", sponsored by the Princesses of the West. A grand New Year's Eve Party, possibly with live music.

Wednesday: "The May Tournament", a chance to crown your chosen one Queen (or King) of the May.

The West Kingdom Parade, (NOT a Grand March), with floats and shield-wall marching units. (All branches, guilds, households, fighting units, etc. are encouraged to think about participating.) Friday: "An Outlandish Tourney", a prize tourney sponsored by Westerners who now live in the Kingdom of the Outlands.

Saturday: Coronation.

All through the week there will be classes, demonstrations, exhibits, and plenty of time for talk and relaxation. If there is something in particular you would like to see happen, contact the AUTOCRAT, who will put you in touch with the proper people.

For further information, or to volunteer to help, get in touch with Eilis O'Boirne (contact info).

From The Page (March, 1991):

Registration Fees: As of this writing (25 January), we have only 40 advance reservations for this event. Please send in reservations! We have no way to predict how many people to plan for -- except by the advance reservations. Everyone's going to be really upset if we order only 2 privies and 1,000 people show up. So, please, send in the money already. Please? The reservation form is in the center of the PAGE, and extra copies will be available at most events.

If you are not going to register for the entire event, the site fee will be $5 per night. (Night includes the preceding day and a bit of the following one ... in other words, if you are there only for Saturday, but are not staying overnight on site, the fee is $5. If you arrive early Friday and will be leaving late Saturday, the fee is $10.)

About "ghost camps": I have been told that people were upset about the words "about ghost camps" in earlier announcements. I'm not trying to make people mad ... I'm just trying to make sure that someone is responsible for each camp left up on the site. The responsible person will not be tied to the camp full-time, just be in charge of making sure the camp is dealt with in case of fire, flood, or other calamity.

The schedule keeps expanding, but it still has lots of room. Here's how it looks at this point:

(Schedule omitted)

Collegium Occidentalis will be running a variety of classes at the ten-day Beltane Celebration. This is a partial list of what will be offered during this event:

(list omitted)

Most of these classes will be taught at the teacher's pavilion. The many exceptions to this rule will be posted.

Viscount Steven of Norham has promised "a class on something", Viscount Colin dearg will teach a day-long leather work class and there are rumors of several lighter classes. I would like to have dance classes, including court, country, Middle Eastern, etc .... Textile classes are being sought, as will as classes on arts, sciences, and almost anything else that our "period" covers. If you are interested in teaching a class during this event, please contact me as soon as possible. My address and various phone numbers are listed in the Page.

I am also looking for a successor. The Office of Chancellor requires someone who has a good knowledge of 'who does what' and who is not shy about pursuing people to teach classes. I would like to have someone apply before Cynagua Fall Session so they can learn how the event is run and who would then help set up the Mists Spring Session. That person would then take over for next Fall Session. If you are interested in this position, please contact me.

Ceridwen MacAoudhegain, Chancellor of Collegium Occidentalis

From Frederick of Holland, subautocrat for Land Fund Day at Beltane:

The Schedule is still being planned, but it should be pretty much final by March Crown. Look for a schedule handout at March Crown and more information in a future Page. But for those of you who want to plan ahead, here are the competitions which will or may need preparation:

Costuming in the Style of Gerald of Ipsley
Bardic competition on the subject of the 25th Birthday
Bardic competition on "Filk the Beatles"
A "Peering" competition; (mimic/satirize your "favorite" peer.)

In addition we have planned several fighting events, several non-fighting games and a nice little auction. We have some donations, but we need more (of course). There will almost certainly be a surprise competition. (Heh.)

Are you grumbling about not being able to leave your campsite up during the week of Beltane? Consider having someone from out of Kingdom stay in your compsite. This way your campsite is being watched, and our visitors have a place to stay on site. Also, if you have any camping gear you would be willing to loan, or if you would be willing to pick people up from the airport, please contact me. Wendolyn y Breaddwydwr (name/phone).

During the entire week there will be classes in many subjects. There will be two erics set up for fighting. There will be lots to do for everyone -- and no pressure for anyone to do anything!

As usual, if you have any questions, contact Eilis O'Boirne (address and phones in Kingdom Directory at Seneschale).

From The Page (May, 1991):

For more information on this event please see the April issue of The Page. There will be a specia on site hand-out. Site fees: The flat fee is Adults $25; Youths (5-12) $15; Children under 5 (free). If you are not going to register for the entire event, the site fee will be $5 per night. (Think of "night" as defining a 24-hour period. If you are going to be at the event for 24 hours or less, pay for one night. If you are going to be there for 48 hours or less, pay for two nights. Any math beyond this point, you are responsible for.)

Second Saturday:
The Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses Stephan and Niobe will take place on Saturday the Fourth of May.
It is Their plans to hold a Queen's Champion tourney directly after Their first Court.
The Wooden Spoon competition, 'a Tourney Breakfast' (A suitable breakfast to feed both fighters and non-combatants) will be held the morning of the 5th of May. Documentation should be provided.

If you are arriving from out-of-kingdom (or even Oertha or Lochac) and need assistance please call Wendolyn y Breaddwydwr (name/phone).

If you have any questions, contact Eilis O'Boirne (address and phone in Kingdom Directory-Kingdom Seneschale).

Directions: (omitted)

See photos from this event

Stephen of Bellatrix
Sable, on a bend Or three compass
stars palewise gules, a label
couped argent.
Niobe Lais
Vert, a domestic cat couchant
argent and a bordure engrailed
Stephan's Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov;
Niobe's Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm


The following is one person's account of this long celebration:

"I arrived late the starting Saturday. I believe this was the day of the "Grand Parade". I don't remember the theme precisely, but it was certainly on the silly side. One thing I do remember clearly was Duchess Juana, then Grün, entering the parade wearing what looked to be a many-colored pavilion! (Seriously, I think that's what it was.) This should give you an idea of the theme.

"Somewhere during the week, perhaps that first Sunday there was a tournament. What exactly it was for or who won, I don't remember. (Hey, I was an enthusiastic stick jock -- I didn't need a reason to join a tournament.) I do remember fighting Duke James Greyhelm at one point. He had legged me and I threw a desperation shot that managed to slay him just as his sword came down on my right shoulder. My next fight was with Sir Kylson Skyfyre. Everybody warned me how strong he was but nobody bothered to tell me how FAST. He was fighting with a Naginata/Glaive, while I was sword and board. He feinted with his point and I thought I had shield blocked it and charged. I wound up effectively leaping onto the end of his weapon. I fell laughing. The only other fight I remember relating to that tourney was with Hauoc [of House Bender -- Hirsch]. He and I were the top placing unbelts and we were to fight to determine who was top seed. My only memories of the fight was "God, he's TALLER than I AM!" Needless to say, he won. I had a new perspective on what its like for fighters facing me when I leg them, as he did that to me.

"Along about Monday afternoon, for those of us who were staying the whole week, there was this amazed sort of feeling when we all realized that we didn't have to pack up and go anywhere and we didn't have to DO anything if we didn't want to. For the next couple of days I met and had long talks with many people, learned new dances and generally had a good time.

"The weather stayed fair but cool through most of the event as I recall, save for one day. That day there was a heavy hail storm. It managed to damage a pavilion or two as it dumped about 2 inches of hail onto the camp. I remember dumping hail off of a friends pavilion when I suddenly realized that the Royal Pavilion didn't have anyone around to do the same for it. I and a couple of others went running into the pavilion and dumped about a bucket full of ice off of it. The only other memory of the ice storm is of a Cynaguan Knight running out into the storm and removing his tunic, shouting something about how wonderful the weather was.

"I left the Friday before the closing weekend as I had come down with a nasty case of the flu." -- Vlasta Ulvaeüs

"A friend (Seamus Padraig O'Baoigheallain M-nrach) and I drove up for the weekends, both of us having to work during the week. Prior to the first weekend, I had discovered on a friend's website some scripts of plays by Goldwyn of Britain from Caid. I printed those out and took them with to share.

I read these to Seamus as he drove to/from the site. We nearly drove off the road laughing a few times.

During the second weekend, my Oerthan Household, Quid Non (many of whom were at the event and had been entertaining the Kingdom with bardic silliness all week), had a banquet at one end of camp. A few folk from Cynagua had put together some entertainment for the evening and Kylson graciously accepted their offer to perform. During the performances (which, unfortunately, were a bit painful to watch), I realized that I could do a better job, and rather than sit there and complain, I talked to my lady and to Seamus (both of whom were invited with myself to the feast) about forming an acting troupe.

Hence, The Golden Stag Players were created later this summer, largely due to a combination of factors (my finding the scripts that started us going, and the spur of a pretty mediocre performance ...).

The rest of the event was a lot of fun (the parts we enjoyed). But this feast is very important to my involvement in the SCA as the Golden Stag Players (still around in 2009 -- 18 years later ...!) took off from here." -- Hirsch von Henford

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