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The Twenty-fourth Year

West / An Tir War -- Kingdom of An Tir

July 1-4, 1989 (AS XXIV)

From The Page (June, 1989):

The West-An Tir War will be at Zumwalt Park, on Fern Ridge Reservoir, in the Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, OR). Site opens at 2pm Friday, June 30, and closes at noon Tuesday, July 4. There will be six battles on Saturday, three of which will include war archery and missiles. The other three will be for heavy fighters only. On Sunday, there will be a timed duration resurrection battle. The first portion will include archery and missile weapons and the second half will be for heavy fighters only. On Monday there will be a tourney that will be a list melee. Rules for this will be available on site. There will be a games competition including both active and board games, target archery and IKAC rounds, and a war banner competition, for a banner representing a fighting unit (household, troop, shire, or kingdom, etc.) Merchants are welcome as long as they have SCA appropriate wares and all booths are located in ther merchant area. The site fee will be $6.00 for adults and teens, $3.00 for children 6 - 12, and under six free. Please note that all minors who are not accompanied by their parent or legal guardian must have with them a signed copy of the minor waiver and the medical authorization. All pets must be on a leash at all times. Those letting their pets run free will be required to leave the site. For more information, contact the autocrat, Lynne the Farrover, (name/contact info).

Battle Stuff: Saturday and Sunday will be War days with six scenarios and a ressurection battle. Monday will feature a 10-fighter melee list. Each team of 10 may have no more than four belts, only 2 of which may be royal peers. This is not an An Tir vs. West event, but a mixed event. We hope to see several teams made up of people from both kingdoms. Armor inspections will be done by each Kingdom by using their own armor standards. Pikers are limited to nine feet. Killing from behind is allowed. Half the battles will include combat archery, so bring archer sceen (that includes the marshals). The remaining battles will have large missiles, i.e., javelins and the like. Below is a tentative schedule:

8:30am  fighters meeting (heavies, lights, marshals, water bearers and chirurgeons)
9:00am   armor inspection
10:00 am   Open field battles, 15 minute break
Woods battles
1:00pm   Lunch
2:00pm   Castle battles
5:00pm   Hold
9:00am   Armor inspection
9:30am   fighters meeting
10:00am   Ressurection battle with archers
1:00pm   Lunch
2:00pm   Ressurection battle with archers continued
5:00pm   Hold
9:00am   Armor inspection and list sign ups

For more Information on the war stuff, contact the War Marshal, Geoffrey of Griffinhold, (name/contact info).


The Proposed War Rules for the West - An Tlr War

A finalized version of these rules will be available at the gate of the event and there may be some changes. Be sure to get the final version when you check in.

1. All fighters will be properly armored as required in their own Kingdom. Heavy fighters are those who choose to engage in full SCA combat. Their armor must meet teh minimum standards of the SCA and their respective Kingdoms. Heavy fighters may use any heavy or light weapon approve for combat by the marshals of the West An Tir War. Light fighters are those who choose to engage in missile combat only. Their armor must meet the minimum standards of the SCA and their respective Kingdoms for missile combat. Light fighters will be identified by red diamond markings on their helmets. In the case of red helmets, silver diamond markings will be used. (red and silver tape will be provided at the war)

2. Except as modified below, the Rules of the Lists are in force.

3. The rule declaring immunity from attack when a weapon is dropped, is waived.

4. The guidelines for engaging before attacking are waived for bridge and fortress-like battles, and for open field battles, or portions thereof which are conducted with coherent mass formations.

5. HOLD will be called for broken weapons, injuries and equipment failure of a serious nature. As soon as the user of the failed equipment is made aware of the situation, the fighter will withdraw to take appropriate action and combat will resume. As soon as the injured fighter is attended to, that fighter will withdraw or be removed, if necessary, and all attendant persons will withdraw from the field and fighting will be resumed.

6. Barriers are as described before the battle. One may not walk on water, through stone, or around a complete wall, nor can equipment be retrieved from water.

7. Any fighter who swings a pole weapon more than 90 degrees is dead in that battle and disqualified from the use of pole weapons in subsequent battles of the war. The same applies to those who thrust with a pole weapon while running.

8. Any fighter whose helm comes off or becomes seriously dislodged or whose visor pops open, is dead In that battle and must repair the helm to the satisfaction of the marshals before using it in subsequent battles.

9. Fighters chased or pushed out-of-bounds during a battle are routed and may not return to the fighting area. This includes fighters who fall or retreat into water.

10. Dead fighters are dead. They cannot give advice, pass on equipment, be ressurrected (excepting only in predetermined agreements of the scenario), or take any action in the aid of their side. The dead must remian on the field until they are told by a marshal that it is safe to leave the field. Routed and removed dead fighters shall signify they are dead by raising their weapons and by withdrawing out of bounds. Any fighter in physical danger (heatstroke, being trampled, etc.) shall be withdrawn from the field.

11. When attacking from behind, the weapon of the attacker is to be placed across the eyeslot of the opponent, in the case of a one-handed weapon, and a phrase such as, "YOU ARE DEAD, MY LORD" or "DEAD FROM BEHIND, MY LORD" should be loudly spoken. A fighter shall NOT be struck from behind. Jostling or light tapping in the process of placing the killing weapon shall be construed as a blow.

12. When a hold is called, the combatants shall assume a kneeling position, excepting only where this would be impractical or dangerous. During the hold, there shall be no strategic discussions, warnings, or planning. Silence shall be observed during the hold. There shall be no movement of fighters during the hold, unless directed by the marshals.

13. Lost tempers will NOT be tolerated. Any fighter who fails to maintain personal control shall be deemed a danger and removed from the field. Such behavior will be reported as soon as possible to the fighter's King and Senior Marshal. It shall be noted that even in war, the basic tenants of Chivalry and Courtesy shall be observed at all times.

14. As stated in the Rules of the Lists, there shall be absolutely no grappling or wrestling upon the field, nor shall a fighter use their body as a projectile weapon (e.g., leaping from a parapet onto another fighter). The shaft of a shafted weapon may still be grasped in combat.

15. War legal arrows, war legal javelins and tennis balls are the only misslle weapons to be allowed in mixed heavy/light combat. The aforementioned weapons are the only ones allowed in lights only battles.

16. All fighters will count their body armor as a chainmail byrnie, covering the arms to the elbows, the shoulders, the torso, and the legs to the knees. Forearms are covered by vambraces. The helm will be counted as it is designed (open face plate vs closed face plate), and will be considered made of iron. Shields and solid plates of helmets are not penetrated by light fighter missile weapons.

17. Blows received from heavy, non'missile weapons during combat will be judged the same as blows received during a Crown Tournament, except in the case where a closed face helm adds slightly more protection over the Crown Tournament standard of an open faced helm. All fighters will be killed by light fighter weapons striking their body, neck, or eye slots (for closed face helms) and face (for open faced helms). Missile weapons wound when they strike the shoulder, arms or legs.

18. Light fighters cannot be struck with heavy weapons. However, they cna be attacked by heavy fighter in one of two ways: 1) by use of a missile weapon (kills or wounds), or 2) by the heavy fighter approaching within 15 feet, pointing a weapon at the light fighter, and shouting "YOU'RE DEAD" (kills only).

19. If heavy fighters are in range to kill light fighters, the light fighters are not allowed to attack back.

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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