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The Twenty-fourth Year

Newcomers Tourney -- Southern Shores

May 7, 1989 (AS XXIV)

From The Page (April, 1989):

On Saturday, May 7, the Province of Southern Shores will hold its annual Newcomers Tourney and Revel. The tourney will be held at John D. Morgan Park in Campbell; the revel will follow at the Saratoga Fire Hall in downtown Saratoga. Site fee is $3.50. The tourney site opens at 10 am, with the lists closing and fighting starting at noon. The revel hall opens at 5 pm with potluck dinner beginning at 6:30 pm. If you are planning to participate in the potluck, please bring a dish to feed 6 to 8 people. For the potluck, A-G bring salad, bread or cheese, H-L bring vegetables, rice, potatoes, etc., M-S, bring meat dishes, and T-Z, bring dessert.

There will be various events and contests throughout the day, with lists for fighters who have been qualified for two years or less and who have never won a tourney. Prizes will be offered for both fighting and nonfighting contests. A boiler prize list will be held for children (please bring any foam boffers you have). A raffle will be held at the revel; items include a dream pillow from Cillene MacRorie and a loaf of banana nut bread from Lady Iana. The "Anything with Flowers or Herbs" contest advertised last month has been cancelled. If you would like to sponsor a contest (particularly one that encourages newcomers or old timers to learn new Skills), please contact to autocrats, Michael of Worcester (phone) or Jarad of Castlewood (phone) or the Seneschal of Southern Shores, Catherine Kenda of Stillwater (phone), before 8:30 only.

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