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The Twenty-fourth Year

October Crown Tournament

October 7-8, 1989 (AS XXIV)

From The Page (September, 1989):

Kelley's Kamp in Lake County will be the site for October Crown again this year. The address is (address). The site will open Friday, October 6 at noon, and dose at 4:30 pm on Sunday, October 8.

The site fees are $6.00 per adult and $4.00 per child (3-12). The site has potable water, some flush privies, coin-operated showers, fixed barbecues, and a man-made swimming hole. There is also a mini-store on site where you can get ice, firewood, beer, pop, snacks and the like. The quiet end of camp will be in the same spot as last year. It is across a (probably) dry creek from the rest of the camp in a stand of trees and boasts its own set of flush privies.

There will be archery. The range will be in the same field as last year, but a greater portion of the field will be mowed.

No driving on the eric after dark on Friday, please. Also, please remember to remove all unloaded vehicles to the parking area. No open fires will be allowed except for the bardic circle. ALL sources of heat (hibachis, stoves, lanterns, candles, etc) must be kept OFF THE GROUND AND NEVER LEFT UNATIENDED!! Dogs are okay, but they must remain leashed at all times.

PARENT ALERT: the site is not remarkably dangerous, but it is bounded by Scotts Valley Road on one side and the creek on the other. It also has a swimming hole that is 12 feet deep at one end.

The merchant's fee is $15 per booth. The fee will be collected on Saturday morning by a man who enjoys binding things in wire and then hanging them on chains; please have your payment ready. Merchanrs Row will start near the southeast corner of the eric and go at a diagonal toward the road.

The autocrat is Aldric Haldane of Griswold (name/contact info).

DIRECTIONS: (omitted)

The Wooden Spoon competition for October Crown will be Onion Anything. This provides a wide scope, but please be certain that your entry derives its personality from the inclusion of onions. The written recipe, complete with your name and any necessary documentation, must accompany your entry, and please remember that I will keep the recipes. If you have any questions, please write or call Dierdre Marianne Steele of Cowdray (name/contact info).

From The Page (October, 1989):

(The Page copy is essentially the same as for September, with the addition of the following two items:)

The West Kingdom Page School will be holding a session on embroidery and pouch making, Saturday at 2 pm at October Crown. For more information, call Siobhan of Cloverdell at (phone).

Gwendwyn the Silent and Grigorii Tataroskii cordially invite their friends to join them at their SCA wedding on Saturday evening of October Crown. The ceremony will take place in the Laurel Grove (quiet end of camp) on the far side of the creek bed immediately following evening court. The wearing of live steel is strongly encouraged, as a sword arch is planned for the end of the ceremony. The couple will then lead those who are interested back to their camp for a brief revel. Those who need more information may call them at (phone).

See photos from this event


This event was rather memorable -- the description below does not do this justice, but it's all that I (Hirsch) can remember (modification in first paragraph by Branwen):

Friday night, John Theophilus "was flagellating himself because he was on Susan's Queen's Guard and had lost her favor. Someone suggested he hit himself once for every year he'd been a squire. Someone else, doing the math, quickly vetoed that idea." [Branwen ferch Emrys] The flagellation left red marks on his shirt from the dye in the belt ... King Christian was moved by this, and the next day, after the tournament was over, he challenged the Knights to join him in a purification in the lake on Sunday morning.

The next morning, the Knights got up and joined King Christian in the lake. Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez and a couple of other ladies were out there before the King and his Knights, and became the "Ladies in the lake" -- with a sword as the goal ...

King Christian exhorted the Knights, and they got into the water. Christian got the sword. Somewhere in all this, Christian lost a bridge (from his mouth), which caused everyone in the water to look for it. It was never found. The Kingdom, however, raised money to help pay for a replacement as dental work of this nature is not cheap.

The loss of the bridge also caused the Knights to go on a quest for the "One True Tooth" -- which was a lot of fun, and some of the Knights presented their version of the tooth at 12th Night. -- Hirsch von Henford

Vlasta Ulvaeüs adds: "When Christian issued the invitation during Court, the suggestion was put out as to whether the Knights could bring their squires. Being a squire to Eric Bearsbane at the time, I was MOST distressed about this idea. My squire brother and I went up to him after court and asked if he was going to join in. We were MOST happy to hear him reply, "Are you kidding? I'm from Oertha. To me, water in the morning means a quick death!"

John Theophilus adds: "It was an amazing event. I had been offered Knighthood at Purgatorio, where I had led the Queen's Guard against any Knights who took the field, successfully. At Mists/Cynagua war, I had lost the Queen's Favor, much to my dismay, because we had sold a Cynaguan Guardsman into dishwashing slavery for the same offense at Ducal.

"The red/blue/black tent in the bathing photos is where the vigil was held, looking out over the starlit pond. The vigil was Friday night, and it was about 11 that Ceridwen MacAoudhegain dressed in a heraldic tabard stepped in and said "The Queen would have words for this candidate. Leave Us." and cleared the tent. Queen Susan followed her in, glanced at me, and turned her back to me--and on her belt was my favor.

"I was mortified. I honestly thought that I wouldn't be knighted, so stern was Ceridwen. Queen Susan said nothing, and Mistress Ceridwen read a four page missive about how my favor had been found on the field without my dead body, and since they knew my heart was pure, it must have been some evil spirit. So, I must cleanse myself in the manner known, with water and flaggellation in front of Her representative. (This was a recent Cynaguan custom, taken from the movie "Knightrider", practiced in the shower with twigs or a belt.)

"Kneeling on the ground (all through the speech, I raised my head, and said that only she could judge if it was sufficient. Since I had just basically asked her into the men's shower with me, Queen Susan gasped, and I added "At the lake, at dawn, or whatever hour you wish". 8 AM was agreed upon, and I was left to contemplate my folly.

"In the morning, I arose, and put on blue bicycling shorts and a white robe that had been part of a monk's robe, but Mistress Grun had told me I'd done the sleeves wrong when I asked her, so I ripped them out. Present for this were the King, the Queen, Sir Colin, Mistress Ceridwen, and Victoria and Adrian, two Laurels.

"The lake was steaming, and it was cold. I asked Colin what to do, and he said just keep the tunic on because it looked good. I bundled up my squire's belt, walked into the water, and then walked shoulder deep and dunked myself for a count of thirty. Walking back out, the faces of the watchers were dumbfounded -- they had expected me to douse my head and stand about knee deep.

"I turned away from them, unrolled the belt, and smacked it into the water. Then I smacked the belt into my back -- it was 1 1/2" leather, and the robe was 10oz canvas, wet, made a loud sound and only stung very little. I got into a rhythm and had hit the lake about 20 times and my back about twenty when one of the Laurels -- Adrian or Victoria, I couldn't tell who -- asked how many times I should belt myself. The other one replied "Oh, once per month of fighting" to which Sir Colin quickly replied "No!" in a tone of horror. I worked out the math -- I'd been fighting 13 years or so -- when I heard a gasp, and someone saying "No, it's ok, it's only the dye" which is when I realized that the red squires belt, wet, was leaving red stripes on the tunic.

"All of this had been done in great seriousness, and when I emerged from the water, knelt before the Queen, and asked her if she thought this sufficient, King Christian was looking inspired. I didn't start shivering until she said "No! That's fine! Aren't you cold?""

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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