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The Twenty-fourth Year

Championship and Feast -- Fett Burg

September 16, 1989 (AS XXIV)

From The Page (August, 1989):

The Barony of Fett Burg is holding its annual Championship Tourney in conjunction with another of Lady Sine's most tasty feasts on September 16. Site fee is $2.00 and feast tickets are $8.50 each.

Only he who is the bravest and most skilled will emerge the Champion of Fett Burg from this fervent round robin lists. Warriors from far and wide are invited to compete for the distinction of becoming Champion, who will aid the Barony when it is in need. For those hearty folk who don't wish to participate in these noble lists, there will be many competitive games to play, such as Hunkerhauser, Javelin throwing, tug-of-war, dicing tables, sheep stuffing contests (not for the feast), etc. There will also be a catapult (for water balloons) and many, many children's games and activities. There is even talk that the watermelon eating contest might turn into a seed spitting contest. Dress cool and casual and come enjoy these delightful games with us. Drinking and smoking is allowed in the park, but not in the hall. There will be an impromptu potluck for those who do not wish to participate in the feast, so please everyone feel welcome. The autocrats for the tourney are Clan McCloud, call Cuby of Elmhurst (name/phone).

The feast will be Viking style! Following the Fett Burg Championship Tourney, you too can be subjected to Lady Sine's unique ministrations to diverse manner of beast and fowl! Nay, even the herbs of the earth are not safe from her gleeful eye! While the day's activities keep the populace looking elsewhere, Sine will send her cousins from the north to bring goods for a feast! "We expect the looting, rescue of several fyne fatted lambs, and the capture obtaining of juicy tender fowl, why some are even bringing new foods from their far travels to the western seas!" so Sine said recently. The feast will begin at 6 pm., and tickets ate $8.50 each in advance. Last day to buy tickets is September 2. The menu includes: savory and roasted lamb soup, fire roasted lamb, grilled chicken, cheese potatoes (by request) herb salad, bread, fruit, olives, pickles, teas, flavored waters, and surprise dessert. Seating is limited to 80 for the feast, but there will be space for potluckers who don't want to miss the revelry after the tourney. The feast hall is a very dry site! For more information on the feast call Sine as Monadh (name/contact info).

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