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The Twenty-fourth Year

Mad Dog Tourney -- Encinal

June 17, 1989 (AS XXIV)

From The Page (June, 1989):

Grr, woof, snarl, slaver, grr, gnash, bite, woof, grr, slaver. (Translation) "The sun is high, the weather is hot, the blood sings, and I have fleas." Yep, It must be time for Mad Dog! On June 24, at Sierra Park in Sunnyvale, the Mad Dog Tourney will be held to determine this year's paragon of the paladin puppies. The title of Mad Dog goes to the fighter that best exemplifies the philosphies of rampant individualism, determination above and beyond the call of sanity, and turning around three times before going to sleep. The rules are simple (they have to be): List sign up starts at 9 am. Challenge anyone. You get a point per fight and a point per win. At 6 pm the points are tallied. Whoever has the most is the new Mad Dog. (Ties are fought off). Winning Mad Dog-gets you a title for a year, recognition as a leader of individual fighting styles, and a studded leather collar as your symbol of office. Title, glory, and leather apparel. Who could ask for more? There is one downside. In August, another tourney will be held to find this year's Englishman who exemplifies teamwork and organization. As a result, as is inevitable, in September there will be a war. A mercenary war led by the Mad Dog and the Englishman to test the mettle of both of these philosophies. This will be a pure fighting event, but it makes a great picnic in a Sunnyvale public park. The park has a playground for children and decent shade. Anyone who would like to bring examples of SCA guild work for public perusal are more than welcome. For information, contact Uelan Dyfddnwld (name/phones).

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