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The Twenty-fourth Year

Willing Wench Tournament -- Caldarium

May 6, 1989 (AS XXIV)

From The Page (March, 1989):

Back in the antiquity of Golden Rivers, there was once an establishment called The Willing Wench Tavern. I was there. Were you? Would you like to be? It seems one of the employees has saved enough to move west and become proprietress of her own establishment -- with the blessing of her former boss. This time she's added dinner fare and dancing to go with the usual gaming, wagering and opportunities to hear news of other lands. Of course, one must always be on the lookout for lowlifes, but all effort is being made to keep such bad elements out. We know we're all lords and ladies here, but sometimes it would be fun to just be somebody else, a traveler, a tradesman, a seafarer, or just somebody who didn't want to be recognized. So send your persona out to the dry cleaners along with your best court costume and dig back in your closet for that outfit you've kept there for that time when you wanted to be somebody else.

The site fee will be $6.00. The site will be a private residence, and half of the proceeds will go to the land fund. There will be no events planned or geared for children. Watch this space lor further details. The autocrat is Patrice di Couer Fidel (name/contact info omitted).

From The Page (May, 1989):

Having read our earlier announcement in the March and April Pages, you've found just the right outfit for a night at the Willing Wench West. But what and where is the Willing Wench West? First, it is a tavern like any other. It has food and drink aplenty, saucy barmaids, surly cashiers, music, dark corners, a fireplace, fellow gamers, a fortune teller, also a reputed hangout for cutpurses and dice sharks. Come spend a quiet evening among these jolly folk and taste the food and drink, lay a wager or two, play a friendly game of dice or chess or darts (the dartboard is reputed to feature a herald), or just pass the evening trading stories of the goings-on in the Known World. Second, it is located in Caldarium at (address), in the region known as Bahia in Novato. All must pay a site fee of $6.00 just to get in the door and to receive $5.00 worth of tokens which can be exchanged for the various wares of the tavern. Half of all profits will go the West Kingdom Land Fund. Warning: this event is geared to adults. Children wouldn't find it much fun. The autocrat is Patrice di Couer Fidel (name/contact info).

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Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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