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The Twenty-fourth Year

Arts and Sciences Tourney

July 22-23, 1989 (AS XXIV)

From The Page (March, 1989):

Have you ever harboured treasonous thoughts and wondered what it would be like to attend a large tourney where you didn't spend the morning attending court and the alternoon watching the heroic efforts of your significant other on the battlefield as they hacked and slashed in your honor? Be at ease good gentles, for you are not alone!

The West Kingdom Arts and Sciences Offices are planning just such an event for July 22 and 23, with Friday alternoon set up, at the Petaluma Coast Guard Station. The date has been approved, the site is secure and we're currently arranging for workshops, teaching sessions, fighter bashing, page school stuff, lots of dancing, an herbal walk, an astronomy lesson/viewing (weather permitting), costuming consultants, weavers, lacemakers, maybe an onsite cooking ciass, lawn bowling, outdoor games, and lots of other GOOD STUFF!

The idea is to have a relaxed weekend of learning and enjoying while you take in a few classes, start a new project or bash your armored opponent. We're trying to have something for everyone and we WANT your suggestions. Don't hesitate to call the autocrat, Siranna of Hawthorn Hall (phone), or the co-autocrat Sabrina de la Bere (phone). Watch this space for future updates. This could be the fun event of the year!

The West Kingdom Page School will be holding a "Children's Tourney" for all the children of the West to be held on July 22 and 23 in conjunction with the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tourney at the Coast Guard Station in Petaluma. The event will be a miniature crown list and coronation including a boffer tourney and competitions. Stay tuned for more information.

From The Page (June, 1989):

The West Kingdom Arts and Sciences Offices are sponsoring an Arts and Sciences Tourney on July 22 and 23, with Friday afternoon set up, at the Petaluma Coast Guard Station. Instructions nad site guidelines will be published in the July Page. Come join us for a weekend of fun, frolic and learning. We have something for everyone to enjoy. Lectures/demos/ and other classes will be held until 6 pm on Saturday and on Sunday morning. The general schedule is:

Friday, 12 Noon -- set up
Saturday, 11 :30 to 1 pm, Games on the eric
          6 pm, dancing on the eric
          8 pm, medieval astronomy
          9 pm, star gazing, bardic circle
Sunday, 11 :30 to 1 pm, games & dancing on the eric
          5 pm, site closes

Events and classes are tentatively scheduled as follows:
Saturday 10 am to 11·30 am:
Great Sword, Duke Paul of Bellatrix
To Bow or Not to Bow, Sir Gerstan Heah Leah
BlacksmithingfThe Forge, Count Michael Hugh Stewart
Beginning Archery, Viscount William of Briardust
Basketweaving, Baroness Seelie Briana Sutherland (limit 10, cost $3.50)
Gambeson Made Simple, Mistress Dierdrianna of the Misty Isles ($3 for book)
English Country Dance, Mistress Annette of Fair Monte
Bardic Workshop, Mistress Sula von Pferdenthal
Saturday 1 pm to 2·30 pm:
Florentine & Unusual Weapons, Duke Radnor of Guildimar
Courtesy Beyond Chivalry, Viscount Christian du Glaive
Armor, Sir Thomas Ruislip
IKAC Explained, Viscount William of Briardust
Inkle Weaving, Beginning, Lord Iathus of Scara (limit 5, need loom)
Basic Wool Spinning, Mistress Allison von Markheim
Court Dance, Master Ruben ben Josef
Uncial & Blackletter for Beginners, Mistress Aldilh Anghared st. George ( $2)
Saturday 2:45 pm to 4:15 pm:
General Fighting with West Kingdom Knights
Armor Inspection for Marshals, Mistress Eilis O'Boirne
Articulated Armor, Viscount Steven of Norham
Horn for Drinking Vessels, Lord Daniel of Horncrancraft (limit 5, $4 if you want a horn)
Inkle Weaving, Beginning, Lord Iathus of Scara (limit 5, need loom)
Handmade Paper, Lady Edwinna of Hawks Bluff
Charting for Needlework, Mistress Jania of Call Duck Manor
(if you wish, bring a design to chart, $3) Go, Duke Paul of Bellatrix (bring a board if you have one)
Saturday 4:30 pm to 6 pm:
General Fighting with West Kingdom Knights
Pavilion Walk, Mistress Siranna of Hawthorn Hall
The Helm, Master Peter of the Golden Isles
Herbal Walk, Duchess Maythen of Elfhaven
Jewelry Making, Master Lorenzo di Nebbia Argentea
Introduction to Medieval Cooking, Mistress Allison von Markheim
Decorative Leatherworking, Viscount Drew Foretesque
Cutwork Embroidery, Mistress Aldith Anghared St. George
(bring needle, material, thread, hoop)
Sunday 10 am to 11:30 am:
Open Melees
Twisted Metal Jewelry, Baron Theodrik of Skane
Natures Dye Pot, Countess Grun der Spitzenkloppler
Hand Struck Coins, Lord Emmerick of Vakkerfjell (donations welcome)
Bransles, Master Ruben ben Josef
Chess, Lord Randall de Matamoros

Two events in one! The West Kingdom Page School will hold a Children's Tourney on July 23 in conjunction with the A&S Tourney, at the same site. The Children's Tourney will include a Grande March, two boiler lists, arts and sciences competitions, cooking and dance competitions, heraldry and court by children. There will be two winners and their consorts and two sets of guardmen. If you are a parent of a child who would like to enter the lists, remember to save all your time on Sunday. The children are running things, so it may take more time than usual. Those who are organizing this event need lots of support. If you are interested in lending a hand, please call Viscountess Siobhan of Cloverdell at (phone). More details in the July Page. Saturday Page classes will be given in anticipation of Sunday's competition: art (category TBA), sciences (category TBA), dancing, cooking (dried fruit/trail mix ($1 for materials). There will also be a banner making dass. Then at 7 to 8 pm, the Page school will host its own bardic and storytelling competition. Parents are encouraged to leave enough time on Sunday for Page School participants to complete the competitions and participate in their own court before having to depart.

The autocrat is Siranna of Hawthorn Hall (phone), and the co-autocrat is Sabrina de la Bere (phone).

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