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The Twenty-third Year

War College -- Kingdom of the West

November 12, 1988 (AS XXIII)

From The Page (September, 1988):

When the cold rains of November drive the warriors from the battlefield, fighters will have an opportunity to learn that there is more to War than killing people. There's strategy! There's tactics! There's even more! Therefore, by command of His Majesty, the War College of the West will hold its first session on November 12 in the Province of the Mists. The exact site will be announced next month. All interested people are invited to attend. Lectures will be offered on how to form a unit and what to do with it once you have one. There will be seminars on deployment, tactics, scenario development and the role of protocol in War. There will be a track for marshals, medics and water carriers, and a presentation on an actual historic battle. Follow the day sessions, there will be a low-cost "soup kitchen" dinner available. At the request of His Majesty, there will be a Curia Regis on matters of concern to fighters. A revel will follow.

Further information and a schedule will appear in the October Page, but if you can't wait, call Maythen of Elfhaven at (phone) or Eilis O'Boirne at (phone).

From The Page (October, 1988):

At Purgatorio Coronation, Their Majesties Radnor and Isabeau established a War College for the Kingdom of the West. The Charter for this college is printed elsewhere in this issue of the Page. Their Majesties named to the General Staff, Duke James Greyhelm, Duke William of Houghton, Duke Radnor of Guildemar, Earl Michael Hugh Stuarts, Viscountess Maythen of Elfhaven, Viscount Brandon d'Arindel, Mistress Ellis O'Boirne, Sir Gerstan Heah Leah, Baron Demian O'Boirne, Lord Robert Ringweaver and Lady Theresa von Tux. Added to the General Staff by King Jade and Queen Amanda was Viscount Christian du Glaive.

The War College will hold its first session on November 12 In the Province of the Mists. The site will probably be on the campus of the College of St. Katherine (UC-Berkeley). The site will be confirmed and a map will be available in the November issue of the Page. The planned schedule is as follows:
AM 9:00     Registration and coffee
9:30     General Session: Warfare and the Medieval Mind by Christian du Glaive
10:30     Lecture: Building and Using a Small Unit
     Seminar: Strategy -- Setting a Battle Plan
     Support: Water Carriers
11:15     Support: Medics
Noon     LUNCH
PM 1:00     Lecture: FIghting in SCA Wars -- Types of Battles
     Seminar: Tactics -- Using a Battle Plan
     Support: Marshalling
2:30     General Session: Scenarios and Protocol
4:30     General Session: Stamford Bridge by Christian du Glaive
6:00     Evening Site Opens
The instructors will be the General Staff of the War College augumented with other experienced instructors. For further information, call Maythen of Elfhaven at (phone) or Ellis O'Boirne at (phone).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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