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The Twenty-third Year

Purgatorio Coronation

August 27-28, 1988 (AS XXIII)

From The Page (August, 1988):

The site will remain open through Monday August 29th. Clean-up will be on Tuesday the 30th. The site is in Hidesville (a small out of the way place for even up here) located on 36 just off of 101, 4 miles north of Rio Dell, 3 miles south of Fortuna. All in all, about 45 minutes south of Eureka. Site Fee Is $4. There is no additional fee for merchants. However, each merchant must prepare a card giving their name and a description of their wares.

There aren't a lot of restrictions at this site. Parents and guardians of children (and revelers) should be aware of the areas of barbed-wire fences and briar-patches. Also, this site is as we speak, a hay field. So expect dry grass and the possibility of allergic reactions. Please read the notice "From the Constable" in the June Page. It addresses the on site regulations regarding fires.

There is a General Mercantile store which sells among other things fruits, lunchmeats, snacks, sodas and alcohol. Yes, they do sell headache pain-killers for over-worked officers. This store also runs the local 'Shell' gas station. Near-by is a '76' gas station, all this within five minutes of the site. Remember that while the prices are not outrageous, they are what you might expect to pay in a small out of the way town.

The Autocrat is Peredur Medrus ap Tristan (name/contact info omitted). Note, that Meghan will be handling questions regarding motels, directions, and similar inquiries. The deputy autocrats are Meghan of Laurel Wood (name/phone) and the Barony's Seneschal Lord Senkyu (name/phone). Baron Peredur personally guarantees no cow patties.

Saturday Morning
Queen's Guard vs Princess's Escorts and oncomers.
Kingdom's Children's "Adopt a Peer".
1/2 hour after Court
After Coronation
Pandy Bat Competition
9:00 AM
Peerage Meetings (Chivalry, Pelican, Laurel).
Queen's Guard vs Princess's Escorts and oncomers.
1:00 PM
Closing Court

Directions: (omitted) If you are coming from North of the Barony (but south of Oertha), be warned. If you bring sheep from the war you will be spotted.

Pre/Post Purgatortio Event

August 25-26 and 29. Where: Purgatorlo Coronation Site.
One night after a baronial meeting ....

"What's all this pre/post purgatorio business about? Why are you going to open the site on Thursday the 25th and keep it open until Monday the 29th?"

"Well, as I was just explaining to Lord 'I never give anything in the world a chance until you prove that it works' I hope that it will be fun. That it will give people a chance to relax from the long drive and to warm-up for the weekend. To spend time enjoying their friends. Not to be bothered with schedules, and meetings. And besides nobody said we couldn't."

"But what if the kingdom doesn't know how much they need and would enjoy this?"

"Then I guess it will be up to us to have such an incredible time that will be talked about for years to come."

Directions: Look for the group having the most fun. The site is exactly the same as Purgatorio. Site fee is free to those paying to go to Purgatorio, $3 if not. For further information call the names listed in the Purgatorio announcement.

The Wooden Spoon competition for Purgatorio will be cold, nonalcoholic drinks. Contact the guildmistress for more information.

The West Kingdom Page School will be holding a Page School session on Heraldry at Purgatorio, Saturday, at 2 pm. Contact the chancellor of the Page School, Siobhan of Cloverdell, (phone).

Jade of Starfall
Per chevron inverted wavy ermine
and vert, a double-headed eagle
sable and a compass-star argent.
Amanda Edwin
Or, two garden roses gules, slipped
and leaved, stems conjoined, vert,
between two chevronels inverted azure.
Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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