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The Twenty-third Year

March Crown Tournament

March 17-19, 1989 (AS XXIII)

From The Page (February, 1989):

March Crown this year will be held at the Fairgrounds in Roseville. The site will open at noon on Friday, March 17 and close when the last straggler can be herded off on Sunday, March 19. The site is a sizable field with running water. An arboured section near the Erik is available for merchants. A $5.00 site fee will be charged per person, with children under 12 will be charged $2.00, and children under 6, free.

Among other activities, there will be a sciences competition; please contact Gerald of Ipsley (under Kingdom Deputy Sciences). The category will be period lighting, with anything that makes light being eligible to participate.

The following is the official schedule for the Crown Lists from the Earl Marshal:
     List Table Opens   8:30 am
     Armor Inspection Begins   9:00 am
     List Table Closes   10:00 am
     Armor Inspection Closes   10:30 am
     Invocation   10:30 am
     First Round Begins   11:00 am
A map of the site and directions will appear in the March Page, as will more information on the lists.

For more information, please contact the co-autocrats: Grigoril Tataroskii (name/contact info), or Kevin O'Fury (name/contact info).

From The Page (March, 1989):

(Essentially the same copy, up to the schedule, with a note about RV hookups, and the addition of directions to the site ..., then the following):

The Wooden Spoon Competition for March Crown is Rice Anything. The judging criteria are: 1) authenticity; 2) appearance; 3) taste; 4) writtim recipe complete with your name and preparation instructions. For more information, please call Dierdre Marinanne Steele of Cowdray (name/contact info).

The West Kingdom Page School will be offering a session on "What is all this courtesy stuff, anyway?" The class will start at 2 pm on Saturday. The children are invited to participate in a Children's Tea on Sunday. Each child should bring a dessert to share with 4 to 6 friends. Games will be played and a short journey into speaking with your hands will be enjoyed (Bravo! -- Rhea). Be sure to bring a plate and goblet.


This is the first event I was at that was called "Marsh Drown" (I know the term was used for other March Crown events where it rained ...). It turns out that the lovely field we were on was sod and grass that was less than 6 inches deep, on top of asphalt. It rained. And there was nowhere for the rain to go! Gad. It was wet, it was miserable. Fighters did not drop on the field when they died in fear they might drown.

Veteran campers such as Frederick of Holland dug ditches around the outside of their pavilions and it only helped a tiny amount ... it rained so hard that it was hitting the canvas of the pavilions and coming through anyway!

The event was called shortly after the tournament was over, and a court could be held in a barn nearby, the victors of the tourney were named, and most of us left the site to go sleep somewhere dry.

According to Frederick of Holland, who stayed over (being very die-hard about his camping!), the next day shone nice and clear and he packed down mostly dry. The rest of us left bedraggled, wet and feeling pretty lousy. Oh well. Not anyone in particular's fault, but it was not a great day for most of us! -- Hirsch von Henford

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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