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The Twenty-third Year

June Crown Tournament

June 18-19, 1988 (AS XXIII)

From The Page (March, 1988):

June Crown Tourney is scheduled for June 18-19, 1988. The site will be central, probably in Teufelberg. The exact site cannot be fixed at this time because the road into our preferred site is currently impassable. Please contact the autocrat Mistress Annalind Airamid the Healder (see Corporate Chirurgeon), with questions, offers of help (PLEASE), etc. I would especially like to hear early from everyone who will be running a contest or other activity which needs to be scheduled.

From The Page (May, 1988):

Participate with us in June Crown Tourney, to choose the successors to Radnor and Isabeau. This will be held on June 18-19, AS XXIII. The site is Skyline Park, Napa. For Directions see next page. We have put in a request for perfect weather, but there is little shade and no wind-break. Further information about the site will be in the June Page.

The Crown Lists will, of course, be the major business of the day. For those of less martial interest, there will be a Pled d'Argent contest (the Candle Light Bransle: see details elsewhere in this Issue), a Wooden Spoon contest (Citrus Anything; further details in the June Page), Kingdom Children's activities starting 4th round Saturday and 1 PM Sunday, Sciences contests (5th-13th C. headwear, Spinning), three Arts contests, a Queen's Tea Sunday, merchants' wares to see and buy, and all the usual socializing. In the evening Saturday, there will be bardlc activities at one or more circles.

The site fee is $6 for non-members, with a $2 discount for members and newcomers, making the fee $4. Things will go more smoothly if you bring your yellow membership card with the waiver printed on it; then you need only sign the list and pay $4. However, because this is a chivalrous society we will take your word that you are a member of the Society, or that you have been attending events for only 6 months or less, in order to qualify for the reduced fee. Children 12 or under will be admitted free with parents. Because of the cost of parking, privies, etc, the fee will be the same for campers and day- trippers. There will be refunds given to people who work the gate: contact the Kingdom Constable to volunteer.

Lists sign-up will again begin Friday evening, 5:00-8:00 PM, and also Saturday morning, 9-10:30 AM. Morning Court will start Saturday at 10 AM. Invocation to the Lists is scheduled for 11 AM.

There will be Peerage meetings beginning at 9 AM Sunday morning, in the order of Laurel, Pelican, Chivalry.

King Radnor requests that all fighters bring their Lists shields.

Please remember that fire danger is extreme this year. No open fires will be permitted. The constabulary asks that there be a bucket of sand or water next to every fire, including hibachis, barbecues, and candles. Never leave even a candle burning unattended. Smoking cigarettes, besides being non-period, needs to be safely done to prevent fires.

Merchants will be allowed to set up in Merchants' Row, leading off the eric. There will be a charge of $15 per merchant booth in addition to the site fees per person. Merchant set-up will be at the same times as general set-up; check with the constables on arrival at the site about where merchantlng will be allowed.

For further information, contact the site autocrat, Elayna Amavla at (phone) or the general autocrat, Annalind Airamid at (phone).

Directions to June Crown: (omitted)

From The Page (June, 1988):

June 18 and 19 will see the celebration of summer known as June Crown Tourney. Come to Skyline Park in Napa to participate in the selection of our next King and Queen, as well as the rest of the delights available at June Crown. See the map and directions at the bottom of the next page.

Set-up will open at 5 pm on Friday, June 17. We need to vacate the site by 4 pm Sunday. Maps will be available at the gate to indicate camping locations of Royalty, Kingdom officers and autocrat, as well as contest sites and times, and all important locations such as water, privies, tavern and merchants.

Site fee is $6 for day use or overnight, with a $2 discount for members and persons new to the Society since Twelfth Night (net fee $4 for members and newcomers). We will use the honor system to determine who is a member or a newcomer, but it will be faster and involve less paperwork if members will bring their yellow membership cards.

Parking will be much closer than when the site was used for Mists Coronet, and a much larger area will be mowed. However, there will be no more shade (none on the eric), and very little windbreak. We will be asked to leave a note on the dashboard of each car giving both mundane and SCA names and general camping location. There are two water spigots, none terribly close to the eric. All trash will have to be bagged and securely closed for disposal. Be prepared. No pets are allowed on site.

Lists sign-up will begin Friday, 5-8 pm, and resume Saturday 9-10:30 am. King Radnor requests that all fighters bring their Lists Shields.

Opening Court will begin Saturday at 10 am. Invocation to the Lists is scheduled for 11 am Saturday. Sunday morning Peerage meetings will begin at 9 am, in the order of Laurel, Pelican, Chivalry. There will be a Queen's Tea on Sunday, and you can expect the Queen's Guard to issue a challenge or two as well.

Kingdom Children's Activities will take place during 4th round on Saturday and at 1 pm on Sunday. West Kingdom Page School will have a Basketry class at 1pm Saturday. There will be a charge for materials. See details elsewhere in this issue.

Wooden Spoon will have a contest of Citrus Anything; see details elsewhere in this issue. Pied d'Argent's contest will be the Candle Light Bransle: see the full description in the May Page. The Sciences office is sponsoring contests In 5th-13th Century head wear and spinning. The Arts office has three contests; details appeared in a previous Page.

There will be a Merchants Row leading off the eric. There will be a merchanting fee of $15 per stall, in addition to site fees per person. Each merchant must prepare a card giving your name and a description of your wares.

There will be at least one bardic circle. Fire situation permitting, there may be a fire for the bardic circle, or we may have a lantern circle.

The King's Bell will be rung at midnight to signal the time for quiet. This is not just autocrat's request, but King's Word, and the King's Word is Law.

The site will be open to mundanes, mostly horse riders. Please be discrete in all you do, remembering that the conduct of each one of us reflects upon the SCA as a whole. There is a ranger living on site, and we will be within a residential area. This means services are close, but also that we will be under scrutiny.

We will be able to hike the trails during the day, but they close at sunset. The trail areas are home to wild boars, who may be hungry. The site is likely to be very dry in June, and fire danger will be high. Have a bucket of water or sand, or a fire extinguisher, next to every fire. Do not leave even a candle unattended. There will be no open fires permitted. There are several barbecue pits on site. Further fire rules will be available on arrival at the site.

The owners of the site will be selling soda, beer, wine and ICE Friday evening, all day Saturday, Saturday evening, and possibly Sunday. It will. be a wet site, but there will be no tolerance for drinking by minors, nor for use of any Illegal substances. We do not leave mundane laws behind when we go to SCA events.

The Province of Southern Shores will be hosting a Casbah on Saturday following evening Court, near to the tavern. In addition to dancing and music, Helen Brownberry will be cooking Middle Eastern food for sale at a reasonable price: substantial enough for dinner or delectable for snacking. Monies raised are to benefit the Province.

For further information, contact the general autocrat, Mistress Annalind Alramid at (phone), or the site autocrat, Lady Elayna Amavia at (phone).

Directions to June Crown: (omitted)

The West Kingdom Page School will be teaching a Basket Weaving class for children at June Crown. It will begin abour 2 pm on Saturday, so listen for the herald's call. The cost will be about $3.50 per child. For more information, call Siobhan of Cloverdell at (phone).

The Order of the Wooden Spoon Contest for June Crown will be Citrus Anything. Although citrus need not be the major ingredient, it must be essential to the character of the dish. Please remember that your recipe is required as part of your entry. Many thanks to Carl of Sutherland for providing the new Wooden Spoon medallions. -- Annette of FaireMonte

The newly formed Clothiers Guild will be holding a swap meet on Saturday at June Crown. Bring your material, trim, buttons, jewelry, etc. to swap, barter or sell. There will be a canopy for cover but we will have need of tables to keep things up off the ground. If you would like to participate, please call Seelie Brianna at (phone), or Gerald of Ipsley at (phone).

The incipient Guild of Weavers, Spinners, Dyers, Fiber-workers, Loom Makeers, etc., will be holding a meeting at June Crown, on Sunday, after the Peerage meetings. The exact time and location will be announced by the heralds. The purpose is to determine if there is enough interest among artisans and crafts persons to form a guild that would specialize in all the aspects of the fabrication of textiles. For more Information, contact Oweneth Weavewell (mundane name) in the evenings, at (phone).

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