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The Twenty-third Year

Le Jour d'Amour (Day of Love) -- Esfenn

February 14, 1989 (AS XXIII)

From The Page (January, 1989):

All the populace is Invited to attend the "Day of Love" revel and games in celebration of a new year, of the visit of our friend from Lochac (Marguerite de Sylva y Rada), and most importantly, for the love of honor, chivalry and beauty that resonates throughout our Kingdom. The site is the San Filipe Recreation Hall on 0 Street in Hayward, CA. The site opens at 1 pm and close at 9 pm. A variety of games and events will be presented that will give everyone the chance to display their abilities of wit, charm and persuasion, for instance, finish the limerick, the ribbon favor pull, capture the heart, and ladies, if you're daring, the most enticing ankle contestl! A potluck in the round will be held, please bring as follows: Legal last name ending in A-F, salads and vegetables; G-R, main dish; S-Z, desserts. If you do not wish to participate, your table will be flagged. The site is DISCREETLY wet. For more information, contact the autocrat, Stephen of Beckenham at (phone) (before 10 pm).

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Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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