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The Twenty-third Year

Cynagua Fall Coronet

November 5-6, 1988 (AS XXIII)

From The Page (October, 1988):

Once more, the Shire of Canale will host Cynagua Autumn Coronet, at Turlock Lake State Park in Southern Cynagua. If you have attended the last three years, you'll surely remember the tree-shaded erlc and the delightful feeling of seclusion. Don't forget the flush privies and hot showers, too! The event is November 5 and 6. Site fee will $5.00.

Space on the eric will be limited, but adjacent areas excellent. No ground fires or wood gathering is permitted, but wood is available for sale from the rangers. Many stone barbecue pits are available as well as wooden tables. Those with smalls please be aware that the site is adjacent to a swift river, so be forewarned. Mosquitos can be a problem too. (Mosquitos a problem in California? In Alaska. it's the state bird -- Rhea)

Also at Coronet, Master Lorenzo, the Arts Minister, will be holding a class in the beginning elements of jewelry making. Then at January Investiture, there will be an arts competition in jewelry, based on the class content. This is an ongoing cycle, with a class in some aspect of the Arts at each Cynaguan event and a competition utilizing that information at the following event. Competitions will have two categories of entry, beginner and accomplished. These will be in addition to the regularly scheduled competitions. Arts competitions at Coronet will be Winter Costumes and an original ghost story for the smalls. The latter is to be read, told or enacted. Science competitions will be Kinetic Sdences, open, a continuation from competitions held at Coronet and Investiture. Also there will be a competition in period lighting. Any medium may be used. from candles to lanterns. Please document the era and culture that inspired the design.

Any merchants, performers or competition creators are urged to contact the autocrats, Claran Faol Ruadh (name/phone) or Filitia Serena (name/phone).

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