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The Twenty-third Year

Canale/Castillo de los Lobos War

October 29-30, 1988 (AS XXIII)

From The Page (July, 1988):

The shires of Castillo de los Lobos and Canale are excited to announce that they are at WAR! There has been a date change for this event, since no one wanted to fight in temperatures over 100 degrees! This war is now scheduled to occur the weekend of October 29-30. Location, site fees, etc., will be announced in later editions of the Page. For more Information, please call either Lady Jessica at (phone) or Lady Quindilin Mohrtassen at (phone).

From The Page (October, 1988):

The shires of Castillo de los Lobos and Canale are at WAR! We will meet in honorable combat on October 29-30 at the River Ranch Campground in Toulomne City (see map). The rights of Their Highnesses, the Prince and Princess of Cynagua are at stake! It seems that the misguided Herald of Canale, one Rodrigo de Ios Lobos, has demanded Lady Siana Alyna, seneschal of Castilla de los Lobos, pay to him fealty, homage, and not stopping with those offenses, he also DEMANDED taxes! Taxes, I might add, which rightfully belong to Their Highnesses. This event will be a good warm up for Coronet. Volunteer waterbearers, constables and marshals would be greatly appreciated.

River Ranch Campground is located in the Sierra foothills in a lush green valley, and is comprised of about 100 acres of native pine and other wonderful shade things. The site has hot showers, but no electricity, and no hook ups. Firewood is available, but contact the autocrats about ground fires. Dogs are allowed, but must be kept leashed at all times. The site fee Is $6.00, with children under 10 free with a waiver. Merchants are welcome; please contact the autocrat ahead. There is no extra fee for merchants, but donations are gratefully accepted. Probably open water on site, so children be careful!

Fighting will include bridge battle with a real bridge, resurrection battle, capture the flag, and a blanket tourney on Sunday. (Bring a small prize for entry fee, winner gets first choice, etc. Contact Otter for full details. Prize value between $5 and $20 dollars) The contests are best use of chocolate chips in food, and a pumpkin drawing and mask making for children. There will be a bardic circle with feast. Bring your own gear and liquid refreshments. (Feast will be stew or skewered dragon meat, $1.00 per serving) Rumors for this event: Pritchard the Hairy will be there (Wolves' blood!). Someone's birthday (who's?) and a possible medieval delivery (who?). Caidans will be there (spies?). Some of the wolves in the hills might Not be Castillo de los Lobos!

For more information, please call Ottar Seareaver (phone) (leave message), or Alinor Flanery (phone), (after 3 pm), or Siana (phone).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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