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Twenty-second Year

Treasure Chest Border Incident [War?] -- Kingdom of Caid

April 2-3, 1988 (AS XXII)

From The Page (March, 1987):


"... A supply caravan from the East, having recently made an unprecedented mid-einter crossing through the mountains to teh northeast of the Caidan Barony of Nordwache has reported the loss of a chest of valuable articles. As the caravan neared the end of it's journey, they were ambushed by a small group of bandits. Several pack animals and cargo were stolen. After giving chase for a day and a night, the caravan guards overtook the bandits, slaying them all.

The pack animals and most of the cargo were recovered. However, one large chest of assorted valuable objects has been reported missing. It is believed to be somewhere in the foothills of the northern portion of Nordwache. Baron Joseph has petitioned to King Dietrich, reigning monarch of Caid, to aid in locating the missing treasure. Dietrich is reported to be mustering his forces to join the search.

A general location has been established where the chest is believed to have been lost.

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of the West, His Majesty, King Jade, having heard news of a great treasure being lost close to Western borders, and spurred by a rumored decline in the Kingdom assets, is said to be sending his armies to the region to search for the missing loot. Some believe this is an attempt to bolster the West Kingdom coffers and to put a stop to the vicious rumors.

A high official close to the Caidan crown, who asked not to be identified, has stated that if this incident is not resolved soon it could revive the old Caid/West Wars. Sources in the West were unavailable for comment.

Good gentles, we may soon be at war again! ..."

Squaw Leap - Bureau of Land Management Area.

Adults - $10.00
Chidlren (under 12) - $5.00

Eight to ten (8-10) square miles of woods, meadows, and river northeast of Fresno, near Auberry. We are expecting good weather again this year, however, the days can be very warm while nights can be very cold. Pack accordingly. The site is unimproved, primitive. That means no running water, electricity, etc. Pit toilets are the order of the day. However, we are attempting to acquire a source of water for the week-end, but it is still advised that you bring at least one half (1/2) of your anticipated usage. Porta-privies will be brought in and temporary bath/shower stalls may be available. Federal law requires that the site be open to the public, therefore a certain amount of parking and trail accessibility must be made available to the mundanes. Site fees will be collected for S.C.A. persons upon entry into the site.

(directions omitted)

As the purpose of this event centers around the "Treasure Chest", we must acquire one, as the prize for the winning army shall be the contents of said chest. A suitable chest shall be located by the autocrat. However, the contents is another matter! Therefore, I, Lord Ivon of Darkforest, as autocrat (that's right, I'm the idiot whose wild idea this was in the first place), send out an urgent appeal to the good and generous people of Caid and the West (and anyone else who happens to read this) for "Treasures". These may be any item which is period and can be packed into the chest. Here is your chance to get rid of those "white elephants" that have been cluttering up your pavilion! A receipt for the value of the item(s) is available upon written request. Please include the value of the item(s) with a S.A.S.E. and the request for a receipt when shipping the item(s). Items may be sent to: (info omitted)

Heavy Weapons Scenarios (Open Field, Bridge, Castle, all three? ...)
Light Weapons Scenarios
Combat Archery Scenarios
Field Archery Competition (I.K.A.C. and/or Royal Rounds)
Archery Duels
Easter Egg Hunt for the children.
Quest for the key to the chest (if enough interest shown)
Bardic circles.

For any other information, contact the following autocrats:
LORD SIGURD STORMRIDER - Archery Coordinator

AT: (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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