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Twenty-second Year

Twelfth Night Coronation
January 2, 1988 (AS XXII)

From The Page (September, 1987):

Yes, good gentles, it's that time of year again to announce the upcoming joyous celebration of Twelfth Night.

Twelfth Night AS XXII in the Kingdom of the West will be January 2, in the Shire of Esfenn. the site is Centennial hall, (address omitted).

Ticket Prices:
August 22-October 5: $5
October 6-December 15: $6
December 16-January 2: $8

Babes in arms are free (under 2 years old). Tickets will be available at events and by mail. If you wish to order tickets by mail, please use the ticket order form below and be sure to include a self-addressed envelope with your check or money order payalbe to SCA, WEST KINGDOM, 12th NIGHT. DO NOT SEND CASH!!!

MERCHANTS: A merchants reservation form has been prepared for your convenience. Fee information which will include two tickets!), space specifications and other pertinent information will be avilable at Purgatorio, thereafter at other events and, of course, by mail. If you have any questions, call or write to Elayna Amavia (phone, address omitted).

ENTERTAINMENT: Talent is needed!!! We are looking for plays, singers, jugglers, storytellers, musicians, and magicians!! If you wish to entertain, please call Richard of Seahaven (phone omitted), AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

ARTS & SCIENCES: We will have an Arts & Sciences Display Room. if you wish to show off your projects, please call Ceridwen MacAoudhegain (phone omitted).

If your group wants to run the "Refreshment Stand" please contact Alison von Markheim by October 1.

There will be a 12th Night meeting on August 30th at 1pm at Alison von Markheim's house at (address, phone omitted).

Additional information on 12th Night will be in next month's PAGE.

If you have any questions, please call the AUTOCRAT, Alison von Markheim (phone omitted) or the CO-AUTOCRAT, Elayna Amavia (phone omitted).

From The Page (December, 1987):

Bring your finest silks and velvets, the Twelfth Night Coronation Festival of the Kingdom of the West is fast approaching. The site is once again Centennial Hall in the Shire of Esfenn (address omitted), Hayward. See below for directions and a map. We will have entertainment, and Arts & Sciences room, the ever-popular Casbah, dancing run by the Pied d'Argent, the Misrule cake, and of course the Final Court of Stephen and Sariya and the coronation of TRH Jade and Anastacia.

(Schedule omitted)

(Ticket information omitted)


Due to the central location of this event, we will not be co-ordinating crash space. There will be a motel and restaurant list available at the event, and from the autocrats in advance. If you have any special needs, call the autocrats.


The autocrats wish that they could offer a feast in keeping with the season, but mundane considerations make it impossible. Everyone is urged to bring their own food, or to arrange potlucks with friends. there are no kitchen facilities available, although there will be ample dining room available. At this point, we are planning to have hot and cold drinks, and nibbles available for sale at the refreshment stand. There are many restaurants close by and a list will be available. Everyone is encouraged to set a period dining table for their party, and the autocrat will provide a small prize for the best table. Even though there will be plenty of table space, please be conisderate and do not take more room than you need. Be aware that due to fire regulations, there can be no open flames in the hall unless they are surrounded by glass with at least a two-inch clearance between the top of the glass and the flame. This will be enforced!


Liven up the decorations with your very own banner! if you would like to have your banner displayed, please call Harold von dem Schwartzwald at (phone) or drop your banner off at Haus Markheim or Herald Square before January 1. Make sure your SCA and mundane name as well as your phone number is on the back.


For your enjoyment, several types of entertainment have been planned. We hope to have several plays as well as singers, dancers, and a juggler. There will be a room set aside just for bardic activities, with plenty of "open-mike" time. Plan to bring your voices and instruments, as well as your eyes and ears. There is still an opportunity to be one of the scheduled entertainers; if you are interested, please call Richard of Seahaven (phone) soon!


There is still a little room left in the Arts and Sciences Display room. Call Ceridwen MacAoudhegain at (phone) to arrange to show off your favorite project. Let's put together a display that demonstrates the great artistic talent of the West Kingdom! There will also be a display of some of the finest scrolls produced by the College of Scribes and an auction of their talents - see the Scribes' announcement elsewhere.


There are still a few merchant's tables available. To reuest your Merchant's packet, please write to Elayna Amavia, (contact info omitted).


As mentioned in the November Page, there will be very few organized children's activities. Because so much of Twelfth Night is either Courts or occurs late in the evening, it is not the ideal event for small children. The Autocrats, along with the Kingdom Children's Officer, urge you to make other arrangements for your small chldren for this event. If you do bring them, be aware that it will be very crowded and we expect all youngsters under the age of ten to be supervised by their parents at all times.


We will need volunteers to help with setting up the decorations, taking them down, and clean-up. This is a good way to help your Kingdom, meet new and exciting people, and earn the eternal gratitude of the autocrats. We will be starting set up at 6pm, Friday January 1 at the hall, and will be able to use help far into the night.


For more information, or to volunteer your services, please call the AUTOCRAT: Alison von Markheim (phone), or the CO-AUTOCRAT: Elayna Amavia (phone).

DIRECTIONS: (omitted)




Remember to bring full purses to Twelfth Night. The West's finest scribes will be displaying examples of their talents, and you will be able to bid on their services for the benefit of the Land Fund.

The highest bidder for a particular scribe will have that scribe complete one of your outstanding award scrolls within the year. Several scribes will be auctioning their services so lots of scrolls will get done and the Land Fund will get lots of money.

The display, contest for scribes and auction will be held in the Arts & Sciences display room near the main entrance of the hall at Twelfth Night.

If you have any questions about the scribes contest or the auction, please call Grün der Spitzenklöppler at (phone).

Jade of Starfall
Per chevron inverted wavy ermine
and vert, a double-headed eagle
sable and a compass-star argent.
Anastacia of Starfall
Per bend azure and purpure, on a
bend between two owls statant to
sinister argent, a comet, head to
base, sable.
Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

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