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Twenty-second Year

Thumper's Revenge -- Tarnmist

May 15-17, 1987 (AS XXII)

From The Page (March, 1987):

You loved him in "Bambi"; you thrilled to his exploits in "Holy Grail"; now see him in "Thumper's Revenge" (a Tarnmist Productions presentation).

To arms! To Arms! Yes, at long last, war has broken out near the bucolic Barony of Tarnmist. Not that it matters but it's on account 'a one 'o our deer got got dead. It don't matter how. No matter, 'twill be loosed on the days in May numbered 16 and 17 near the mundania berg of Santa Margarita (20 miles north of San Luis Obispo). Many engagements are planned for every conceviable weapons type. Thou shalt plan on bringing water, for little shall be found there; extract of fermented grain and produce thou mayest bring (gee, these folks are wordy -- it's a wet site, OK. GdS); open fites though shalt not bring. For further confusion, touch someone at (phone) and ask for Bahita or Torlief after 5 p.m.

From The Page (April, 1987):

On May 15 to 17, just east of Santa Margarita in Tarnmists, war will be waged. We are planning both mixed and separate light and heavy weapons battles, so come prepared with archery screen. We are going to have enough fighting to make any fighter happy, so come and enjoy.

The site will open at 6 p.m. on Friday, and close at dark on Sunday. Site fee will be $4 per person, up to a maximum of $10 per car. Carpooling is recommended. Merchant space is available.

The site will be hot, and water will be extremely limited, so bring enough potables to last the weekend. There will be no open fires. We will need plenty of marshals and water bearers for the weekend. Interested people should contact Bahita of Abu Simbel at (phone). Merchants should contact Astrith of Swansvale at (phone). All other inquiries to Bahita or Achmere ib Tamin at (phone).

DIRECTIONS: (omitted)

From The Page (May, 1987):

The rabbit will have his due. ... (otherwise the Page copy was identical to the previous month's ...)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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