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Twenty-second Year

Coronet/Investiture -- Oertha
January 23-24, 1988 (AS XXII)

From The Page (December, 1987):

Their Highnesses of Oertha, Nikolai and Annora invite their populace to join with them on January 23 and 24 for Winter Coronet and Investiture. At the pleasure of His Highness, the court will follow a Russian theme. At the pleasure of her Highness, in cooperation with Their Excellencies Brendan and Aryana, Investiture Court will follow an pink and gray theme.

The hall will open to the general public at 8:3am Saturday and 9am Sunday. Opening Court will be at 10:30 Saturday and noon Sunday. Lists will begin 1/2 hour after Opening Court.

CONTESTS: ON-SITE: BANNER CONSTRUCTION: Small felted banners, all supplies provided. Finished products will be property of Barony; DANCE: Karabuschka. PREVIOUS PREP: DRESS BANNERS: Sponsored by Ivory Thimble. GRYPHON CELLARMASTER: Ukrainian Fruit Brandy (for recipe, contact local newsletters or Chronicler). Assorted awards for costume in Russian spirit. Special award for shawls or scarves worn in period manner. ARTS/SCIENCES CONTESTS: Period shirt or chemise/underdress, Kitchen metalwork, Belt pouch/leather, COOKING: Baked Piroshki.


Saturday: Luncheon will be served as a buffet of finger food open to public munching. A light repast will be made available to fighters wishing it after fighting. They must sign up at the list table if they wish this service. Dinner will be a provided feast. Theme will be Russian food and those of Slavic origin.
Sunday: Breakfast and luncheon will be of a spread board variety available prior to Opening Court Sunday and after Court for a short period.


All personal gear will be stored in the hall storage areas provided by the coronet group. Armor will be stored in the designated storage area. It will be removed directly after the fighting, by squires or by teh cornet staff. Dressing rooms will be designated for men or women. Restrooms are for that purpose ... not for dressing.

Dinner seating will be by household. All tables will be provided with black table cloths, green trim, white flowers and white candles. Diners should bring own goblets, napery, and plates. Other meals will also require your own dishes. Dishes will be able to be cleaned up after the meal in the kitchen. During the kitchen cleanup, we will not be able to have private dishes being done, take home or wait until after the dancing.


Courts will be Opening Court, Acknowledgement court, Informal Dinner Court, and Closing/Investiture Court.

Opening Court will be 10:30, Acknowledgement Court will be approximately 4pm and will be in a more informal dressing vein. Dinner will be dress with presentations, awards, personal gifts, and other business. Dancing will follow dinner. Court on Sunday will begin at noon.

Evening Court on Saturday will be a color court of Black, Green, and Silver. Eskalya will support an informal color court of Pink and Grey on Sunday.


Officer meetings will begin at 10am.


To receive the $15 price for tickets, you must pay in advance. This does not incllude a reservation and pay at the door, this means money in hand. Tokens will be sent with confirmation of reservation (master list at the door if you lose it).

Payment at the door will be $20.


For further information, contact Sharane de Kondrak (name/phone omitted) or Aryana Silkenfyre (name/phone omitted).

Brendan Shimmeringstar
Sable, chapé ployé argent
mulletty sable, a mullet of six
points elongated to base Or.
Aryana Silknfyre
Per pale and per saltire argent and
Or, a unicorn trippant sable, crined
Arms drawn by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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