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Twenty-second Year

October Crown Tournament
October 3-4, 1987 (AS XXII)

From The Page (September, 1987):

October Crown will be held at the ranch of Miguel Errea (about 10 miles south of King City). Although it is in the Principality of the Mists, it is 2-1/2 hours from San Jose. It is not anywhere near Monterey. It is nowhere near Lake San Antonio.

The site is in a canyon which opens onto the main valley which is known for its predictable winds. The mean temperature is 80 in October.

There is no drinkable water on the site so bring twice as much as you think you might need. Plan on bringing any shade source you can reasonably fit.

The site is 2 miles down a private road so privacy abounds. If you howl at night, the hills may answer.

We are negotiating to have equestrian activities at the site.

Dogs are welcome as long as you pay for any sheep they take. The owner has agreed to let us use his front grazing pasture, about 100 acres. There is a ravine abotu 20 feet deep with steep grassy sides. Merchants are welcome and encouraged.

Useful information like directions and such will be forthcoming in the October Page. For information call Sebastian von Baden (phone omitted).


The PandyBat is a quasi-mythical creature from the Ancient Times of the West. Originally referring to a weapon which could only exist in a world of rattan, duct-tape, and personal liability law, it has come to mean a weapon so unlikely and so unwieldy in its use so it presents a greater danger to its wielder than to his or her opponents. The first conclave of PandyBats was called by then Earl Marshal Kevin Perigrine at June Crown in the Tenth Year of the West, and they have been gathering approximately annually ever since. Care and planning are necessary for superior PandyBats, as the rash or jury-rigged entry tends to surve teh PandyBat Melee, to its shame.

The principal of the PandyBats ('Phil') has proudly embroidered on his wings the names of the most suicidal, the most impractical, inefficient, quixotic and unrealistic groups as victors of the PandyBat contest. On Sunday of this October Crown Tournament, His Most Dread Sovereign, King Stephen, invites His populace to gather those PandyBats seen lurking in teh dark recesses of fighters' minds and array them for the heaven and earth to witness the ingenuity and eccentricity of the West. All PandyBats should be at least minimally tourney-legal.

Pandybats of teh past have been: War-Saws (and other Pole Weapons), 4-handed War-Boots, two-person, double-hafted swords ("This way! No, This Way!"), War May-Poles, Boulder-Flails, Pandy-Pies (a bit too effective, this one), a Pandy-wench with Pandy bed (duct-taped teeth), and a Swiss-Army Squire. Surely the bright, inventive minds of the West can better these hoary chestnuts.


The Pied d'Argent dance competition for October Crown is a new Pavanne called "Rosewitha". It is very much like Hole-in-the-Wall in structure, as it too has "A" & "B" coouples which progress up & down a longways set, though the figures of the dance little resemble the bown and scraping of Regency-influenced Hole-in-the-Wall.

To begin, couples should form a line and count of alternate "A" & "B" couples. (NOTE: this choreography assumes knowledge of the basic pavanne Left and Right sets. If you need instruction on them, consult with your local dance master.)

(More choreography omitted ...)

While there is real music for Rosewitha, it can be practiced to the "Belle Qui" music without any confusion.

Direct any questions to Michael O Glafau (called the Lemon-Freshened), c/o (mundane name omitted) (phone omitted).


From The Page (October, 1987):

October Crown will be at the Errea Ranch in the outskirts of San Ardo. Remember, there is no water on the site so plan on bringing more than you need. Other information on the site can be found in the September PAGE.

The incipient Canton of Königstadt (King City) will be sponsoring an archery contest-fund raiser so bring your bows.

The Arts and Sciences office for the Province of Golden Rivers (Sacramento area) will be having a competition for (yummy!) Chocolate Mousse on Saturday of October Crown. Even though this use of chocolate is not really period, a healthy rivalry has developed among enthusiastic cooks, so this taste test is arranged. For information, please contact Lady Holly Alina of Montague (phone) or c/o (contact info omitted).

Directions: (omitted).

"Hell Crown, Oct. 1987, King Stephen and Queen Sariya. This was, beyond doubt, the hottest event ever in the history of the West Kingdom. It was 112 in town (King City), very likely slightly hotter at the solar oven the event was held in. Something like 20% of the fighters withdrew from the Lists during or immediately after the first round. My first-round challenger, the estimable Steven of Shirebourne (Boy Viking), had to concede the fight after losing his arm, because he had to go throw up.

"I only remember a few details. Someone told me to put my coif (helm padding) into the ice chest between rounds, and I attribute this trick with my unprecedented success on the day. I'd wait until the "Arm and Report" call, check to be sure my opponent was headed out, then quickly pull out the ice-water-soaked coif, slap it on my head and slap the helm on over it, race out, and hope to end the fight before the chill went away. This was the first time I made it to the Final Round in a Crown List; Jade beat me in two fights, thereby winning his second Crown.

"There was a pretty good PandyBat competition on Sunday. Someone must have photos of that!" -- Colin de Bray

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