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Twenty-second Year

Coronet -- Principality of the Mists

September 26-27, 1987 (AS XXII)

From The Page (August, 1987):

Principality of the Mists Fall Coronet Tourney will be held the weekend of September 26-27 at Homestead Valley in Briones Regional Park.

(Autocrat's note: In the past 10 months there have been rumors regarding problems between the SCA and the East Bay Regional Park District, which includes both Homestead Valley and Bort Meadows. To answer this simply: Yes, there were problems, but there were also misconceptions and misunderstandings involved. The problems have been solved and the rest explained and alleviated. Both sites have been booked for this year.)

Due to the new fee schedules, new administrative charges, and all that privies must be provided by us, the site fee will be $5 for the weekend. Children under 12 pay no fee. Bring your own drinking water as there is a very limited amount on site. No open fires are allowed except the Bardic Circle. Merchants are definitely welcome and no additional fee will be required. Any other activities planned and schedules will be detailed next month. If you are fighting, be sure you are eligible to do so.

There will be a Costume Accessories Competition, sponsored by the Mists Arts Office. Accessories include shoes, hats, pouches and anything else that is not the main garment. Documentation is requested.

There will also be a storytelling contest on the second day. Stories include jokes or tales with Period or SCA subjects, and must be no longer than 5 minutes.

For more information on this, contact Eveline of Shoreham (phone).

The site autocrat is Elayna Amavia (phone) and the event autocrat is Krista of Starfall.

Directions: omitted

From The Page (September, 1987):

Site opens at 2pm, Friday

Location: Briones Regional Park, Homestead Valley area (six miles from Orinda).

Site Fee: Adults $5, Children 12 and under Free.

Site Specifics: The speed limit in Briones Regional Park is 15 mph. Do not exceed speed limit, even on paved roads.

The site will have no water. Please bring your own drinking and washing water.

There are to be no open fires other than the Bardic Circle fire.

Merchants are welcome and encouraged, and there will be no additional fee. Chez Shay will serve breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning, and dinner Saturday evening.

If you are planning to fight, be sure that you and your consort have current memberships, and bring your membership cards, if possible, to the list table when you sign up. Also, bring your fighter waiver card, or see Krysta before signups if you do not have one.

There are two gates which must be passed to reach the site. The first gate is across a paved road in the public parking area of the park. This gate may be locked when you reach the site, if you arrive very late Friday or after fighting starts Saturday. The standard SCA combo lock will be on that gate. If you do not know the combination, please ask around prior to coming to the event. Please lock the gate behind you. The second gate is .5 miles from the first. It is on a dirt road, and will be the waiver/site fee gate. If the gate is locked you will have to walk in to the site and find an autocrat for the key. It is a short walk.

Event Specifics: The Mists Arts Office will sponsor two contests this weekend. Saturday evening there will be a storytelling competition. This includes jokes or tales of period or SCA subjects. The entries are to be no longer than FIVE (5) minutes. Sunday there will be a Costume Accessory competition. This includes shoes, hats, pouches, and anything else that is not the main garment. Documentation is requested. For more information please contact Eveline of Shoreham (phone omitted).

The Silver Spoon Competition will be any dish using Artichokes as the main ingredient. Please contact Helen Brownberry (phone omitted) for more information. (Note: also see the other article on this page for more information on the competition.)

There will be a Mists Management Meeting Sunday at Coronet. come prepared with reports. Any questions, call the Seneschale (phone omitted).

Autocrats: SITE: Elayna Amavia (phone omitted). EVENT: Krysta of Starfall.

Directions: (omitted).

(Silver Spoon Competition details omitted)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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