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Twenty-second Year

Coronet Tournament -- Principality of the Mists

March 26-27, 1988 (AS XXII)

From The Page (March, 1988):

Mists Spring Coronet will be held the weekend of March 26-27 at Skyline Park in Napa. (This is the same site of STAR WARS aka Vinhold v. Westermark War.) The site will open on Friday afternoon at 2pm. The site fee is $4.00 per person. Children 12 and under are free. The site has water, privies and showers. No pets and no open ground fires except for the bardic circle. BBQ pits are provided. This is a WET site, however, please use common sense and control your drinking since a ranger lives on site. Merchants are welcome and encouraged, and there will be no additional fee.

(Schedule omitted)

On Sunday there will be open challenges, melees and war practice led by Prince Sionnaich. Also, the archery range will be open. The Incipient Kingdom Archery Guild will hold a series of archery competitions including both target and combat style events. Marshals will be available to authorize archers for combat. There will be no actual combat archery at this event, however, some competitions and war maneuvers may require full combat legal armor. A schedule of these events will be announced at court by the Principality Archer, Lord Asclin Thorne. IMPORTANT: If you are plannign to fight, be sure you and your consort have your current memberships. Bring membership cards to the list table and also your fighter waiver card. If you have any questions, please call the autocrat, Elayna Amavia (contact info omitted).

There will be a Silver Spoon Cooking Contest at Mists Coronet. The competition will be Saturday evening. The theme is "PERIOD PASTA." The entries should consist of about 1/2 the quantity of a normal serving. Baroness Helen Brownberry has turned in her ladle and Master William Darcy is now handling Silver Spoon activities. For more information on the contest, call William Darcy at (phone).

There will be a Sciences Competition at Mists Spring Coronet for "consumable sciences." This means things that are used up, not necessarily eaten. If food items are entered, something other than standard cooking techniques must be used in the preparation. For example, home-made cheese is OK, but cookies are not. Other examples of consumable sciences are perfume, soap and candles. The contest will be judged by the entrants, with the help of one or two experts. The judging system is an experiment. It's hoped that all the entrants will be able to learn more from competition. If you have any questions, contact the acting Principality Sciences Minister, Grün der Spintzenklöppler (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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