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Twenty-second Year

Mists/Cynagua War - Principality of the Mists

April 16-17, 1988 (AS XXII)

From The Page (March, 1987):

War has been declared! It's the Principality Cattle Raid! A wayward herd of cattle has been found wandering the borders of Vinhold. Both the Prince of the Mists and the Prince of Cynagua have claimed ownership. So the cattle raid is on! The raid will begin on April 15 when the site opens at 4pm. The site is located in Napa at the Berryessa Boy Scout Camp. Fighters bring archery screen and archers bring your fighters screen -- there will be archery in every battle Saturday. The Barony of Vinhold will host a tavern Saturday night with food and beverages. Also at the tavern, a Drunken Dragon will take place to benefit the Land Fund. SITE RULES REQUIRE: No dogs, fires in designated fire pits or BBQ's only, swimming in marked areas (water will be very cold), all garbage must be taken out or there is a charge of $3.50 per bag to leave it. Site fee will be $5.00 per person. Any extra money will be split between the Principalities. Please carpool -- parking is limited. If you have any questions or suggestions, call the autocrat, Eric Holdstar (contact info omitted).

It is well known that the armies of Mists and Cynagua go to battle over cattle, but to capture cattle, one must first persuade the bulls that their herd must go in the appropriate direction. However, bulls are not known for their cooperative attitudes. So, the Barony of Vinhold is sponsoring a Prize Bull Hunt. First prize is a long bladed Norse spear, donated by Lord Torvald Torgarsson. Second prize is a hood and cowel donated by Countess Dierdrianna of the Misty Isles. Third prize is a book on castle fortifications and architecture, donated by Baron Anthony the Sinister of Vinhold. The cost to enter the hunt is $3.00, with all proceeds to be donated to the Kingdom of the West Land Fund. For more information, contact Lord Torvald Torgarsson, (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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