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Twenty-second Year

R.O.C.K. Invitational War -- Golden Rivers

June 6-7, 1987 (AS XXII)

From The Page (June, 1987):

Please outfit your war wagons and head for Golen Rivers the weekend of June 6-7. R.O.C.K. and the province would like to invite you to the first R.O.C.K. Invitational War. (R.O.C.K. stands for "Recreational Opportunities for Cancel Kids").

Mercenaries are much sought after. There will be archers included in most scenarios. Water bearers are in demand. Bards are quite welcome. Equestrians, here's your chance!

Come and claim your share of the booty. Bribes will include a 160 lb. roast pig, bar-b-qued chickens, drinks and anything else we can manage to pillage. (Note: on Saturday evening there will be a potluck feast. Those wishing to participate, please bring a main dish, side dish or dessert that will serve about 10 people.)

On Saturday, we will be hosting young cancer patients; helping them to escape the day-to-day routine of therapy & pain by escorting them into the Current Middle Ages. Please join us in this worthy cause. We would like for this to become an annual event.

Debbie & Don Quist extend a warm welcome to their wonderful Redhawk Ranch. If you are traveling a far distance and would like to make arrangements to depart late or arrive early, the Quists have graciously assured us that this is possible.

The site will be open at 4pm on Friday, June 5. Fire pits & contained, above-ground fires are OK. All dogs must be leashed; this is a private residence.

Site donations will be $2 per person. All proceeds beyond costs will be donated to R.O.C.K.

WARNING: This site has bee hives on it. If you have a sensitivity to bee venom, be prepared. Also, as there are few trees on this site, "shade" must be imported.

For more information call:
Autocrat: Lady Mirriam Francois (contact info omitted)
Debbie Quist (phone)
Lady Gleda Eiriksdottir (contact info omitted)

DIRECTIONS: (omitted)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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