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Twenty-second Year

Ducal Prize Tourney

August 8-9, 1987 (AS XXII)

From The Page (April, 1987):

Ducal Prize Tourney will be held August 8 and 9 at the same site as last year's event, the Two Rocks Coast Guard Station near Petaluma.

Preparations are underway to schedule the events. This year the format will differ slightly from prior Ducal Prize tournaments. Each event will have multiple sponsors. Each sponsor is to provide a prize. Events will be run by a committee of volunteers, and sponsors need not become involved in running the event they are helping to sponsor. Thus, people may sponsor a prize for an event which strikes their fancy and in which they may also participate, perhaps through being auctioned. Prizes will be awarded to the top winners. It is hoped there will be enough sponsors in order to have three or more prize winners for each event.

As at past Ducal Prize tournaments there will be contests which represent each of the major areas of interest which is fostered by the S.C.A. There will also be two auctions. On Saturday, come hugry as there will be a food auction (if enough donations are received). On Sunday, there will be the more traditional items auction.

If you have an idea for an event, are willing to help run events, wish to donate to the auctions, and/or wish to sponsor an event, please contact the events coordinator, Sabrina de la Bere (contact info omitted).

From The Page (May, 1987):

Ducal Prize Tournament will be held August 8 and 9.

Some of the contests that have been scheduled are: broadsword/shield list, off-handed weapons melee, impact weapons list, Shastan melee, multi weapons list, great sword list, archery contest, singing contest, garment/accessory decoration, heraldic theme in decoration (garment, accessory, campsite or banner).

More sponsors are needed. Warm up your sword arm, and start work on your entries.

There will be a food auction on Saturday and a regular auction on Sunday.

The organizers of Ducal Prize have asked that the scribes competition that was announced last month be postponed until Twelfth Night.

If you have an idea for an event, want to help run an event, wish to donate to the auctions, or wish to sponsor an event, contact Sabrina de la Bere (contact info omitted).

From The Page (July, 1987):

Ducal Prize, the annual prize tournament & benefit for the Land Fund, will be held on August 8 & 9 at Two Rock Coast Guard Station. Due to the nature of the site, site regulations will be strictly enforced.

Site Regulations: All cars must be insured for $30,000 personal liability & $5,000 property damage minimum. The owner/driver will be required to show proof of insurance at the gate. If they cannot do so, they will have to park outside the base & get someone else to bring in their gear. (Note: California law requires that you carry proof of insurance in your car at all times.) NO PETS. Speed limits must be strictly adhered to -- 10 mph through the housing area. No projectile weapons with live ammunition are permitted. No camp fires. Please remember that we are being allowed to use this site for free by the Coast Guard, so let's show the courtesy which is so much a part of the current middle ages.

The site fee will be $1 per person to cover the cost of porta-privies. The site will open at 2pm on Friday, August 7. Everyone must be off the site by 5pm on Sunday. If you have questions, please call the autocrat, Duchess Verena of Laurelin (phone).

Directions: Omitted.

Court will begin at 10am on August 8 & will be followed with the events as listed in last month's Page. Here listed, with many thanks, are the contests, the prizes, & the sponsores being offerred. As in prior years, you may enter yourself for a fee or bid at auction for an entrant & thus be eligible for a prize. Come support the Land Fund & enjoy the event.

List of events omitted (very very long).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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