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The Twenty-first Year

Allyshia vs. Ravenshore -- Allyshia

April 18-19, 1987 (AS XXI)

From The Page (March, 1987):

Spend Easter in the Allyshian Alps fighting, feasting and frolicking in the awesome beauty of this spectacular site.

Armies will battle by day and revel by night. A great feast will be laid for mercenaries of both sides Saturday, pot luckers are also welcome.

Come enjoy this rustic campsite set in the high woods of Humboldt County overlooking hills, rivers, and the ocean ... 30 miles away. This could be your chance to take your family or household out of the castle for the weekend.

For more information, call Obadiah or Katherine at (phone).

From The Page (April, 1987):

In Ravenshore we have a lovely dotted line running down the middle of our highroad, but its beauty has been marred because a dot has been stolen. Those Allyshians have stolen our northernmost dot. They claim it's theirs just because it straddles the border between our territories.

Oh sure, it's just a dot -- but that's how these people work. One dot today, another dot tomorrow, and before you know it you and your loved ones will be driving to Beltane on a highway with no dots.

Only you can prevent this tragedy. Fight for Ravenshore on Easter weekend, April 18-19. The site is beautiful and secluded.

Bring your screen. Archers are welcome and encouraged to attend. Fortification, resurrection, bridge, open field and woods battles are planned.

There will be a potluck dinner for both sides and their mercenaries Saturday night.

Ravenshore promises a generous fee to their mercenaries. No word was sent regarding Allyshian generosity.

For more information (Allyshian version) call Obadiah or Katrina at (phone). For the Ravenshore slant on things, call Weland (contact info omitted).

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