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The Twenty-first Year

Congeniality Tourney -- Province of the Mists

November 15, 1986 (AS XXI)

From The Page (October, 1986):

"What?" you exclaim, "A tourney which will probably produce more than one winner, where no one is eliminated for nine rounds, and you don't even have to win a fight to win the tourney?" That's right. This is the Mists Congeniality Tourney, the purpose of which is to provide a good time for everyone and to single out those un-belted fighters are are especially fun to fight, according to their fellow combatants. The date for this unusual tourney is November 15, weather permitting, and shall take place in the Province of the Mists at Tilden Park in Berkeley. Though it shall be an un-belt list, knights and masters are most welcome. Further information shall be provided in next month's Page. The autocrat is Morgilliam of Greenbough, (phone omitted).

From The Page (November, 1986):

Fighters...remember the last time you walked off the tourney or practice field, overflowing with delight because the person you just fought was so much fun? That's who we're looking to win the Mists Congeniality Tourney. On November 15, weather and field conditions permitting, the Quest for the Lgenedary Good Time will commence around 9 a.m. at Tilden Park (the S.C.A. designated "Airplane Field") in Berkeley. The populace and peers are most welcome (The earlier the better, since we need people to help claim the field for our use for the day). The unbelted list shall be a demi-round robin, during which the participants may stretch their fighting skills doing all out tourney fighting, "Best Two out of Three", or light sparring for a specified period of time (to be determined later)... the purpose of which is to determine who especially fun to fight. It is possible for more than one fighter to win the distinction of being a Mists Congeniality Fighter and to achieve such a distinction without winning a single fight. It's not who wins or loses at this tourney, but how you play the game.

DIRECTIONS: (omitted)

The autocrat is Morgillian of Greenbough (phone).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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