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The Twenty-first Year

Mists/Cynagua War

September 6-7, 1986 (AS XXI)

From The Page (August, 1986):

War For the Birds

Yes, fans of the rattan symphony throughout the Kingdom; it is time again for the field negociations between the Principalities of the Mists and Cynagua. Their Highnesses are readying Their armies and this is one war that will really be for the birds.

Detailed discussions of that fowl that DOES NOT EXIST (in the Mists) and the nature of the hospitality offered Cynagua's favorite feathered friend while visiting those same lands will ocur on September 5, 6, and 7 at the Two Rocks Coast Guard Station near Wolfscairn. This is the same site as Ducal Prize.

This is a war. There will be enough fighting for even the most diehard (pardon the expression) warjocks. Scenarios will include: Mists vs. Cynagua battle of the champions; mixed forces battles; resurrections; heavy fighters only; mixed battles with archery; light fighters only; castles; bridges; woods; open field and more. There will be archery. Current West Kingdom standards apply to both heavy and light weapons combatants. More on war rules and scenarios will be in the September Page and will be announced on site.

Their Highnesses wish all to know that the purpose of this war is FUN. War Points will be kept and forfeits are possible (The swan leaves if desired or the historians reconsider their history, etc.) but the goal is a weekend of shared enjoyment and good feeling toward all.

Other activities are planned and even more hoped for. These include non-combat archery, non-combatants competition for arrow gleaning, and anything else which someone wants to sponsor. These will be announced as known. Please contact the autocrat if you just can't wait to sponsor something.

Friday night setup is planned. Entry time for the site will be announced in the September Page.

For more information contact the autocrat, Howard of Redstone (phone omitted).

DIRECTIONS: (omitted.)

"The Mists vs. Cynagua War at Two Rocks Coast Guard Station was my fourth or fifth event in the society. I remember the whole reason for the war was that the Prince of the Mists, Kevin Peregrynne, had slain a pigeon at a fighter practice by trying to shoosh it away with his sword. The Prince of Cynagua, being a defender of the Black Swan took offence at this untimely death of a feathered creature and raised his army to invade the Mists in just retribution. The times were so bad that the populace of the Mists were not allowed to utter "pigeon," and therefore refered to them as "rock-doves."

On Sunday morning of the war, Tribe Rot Mahne kiddnapped three maidens. Both Princes' raised their armies to rescue the maidens. A valiant knight went to where Tribe Rot Mahne held the three maidens in order to secure their release without bloodshed. For his deeds, he was slain from behind by members of the tribe. Battle commenced as the rescuers bravely attacked the Tribe's stern defense. As the battle raged on, others who had heard the hue and cry in the encampent started to arrive and join the fray. Despite the rescuers fighting couragously, were defeated to a man. But the sound of battle had arroused more from the encampment and they arrived in groups of three to five. Always, the tribe slayed them, but not without losses. Finally when the last rescuer came stragglering in where after brief battle fell dead, the victorious consisted of two fighters, one hipped." -Erich Johann Meyer

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