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The Twenty-first Year

June Crown Tournament
June 14-15, 1986 (AS XXI)

From The Page (June, 1986):

Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass valley will be the site for June Crown. The address is (omitted). The site will open at 3 p.m. on Friday and the event will run June 14 and 15.

There aren't a lot of restrictions at this site. No beverage cans or bottles should be in evidence, easy enough to avoid. Parents and guardians of smalls, please remember that there is a duck pond adjacent to the site. Dogs aren't especially welcome at this site, please observe the tethered at all times rule and we will be able to continue bringing our canine friends in the future.

Merchants should check with the autocrat or a constable upon arrival. Please do not set up wares until you are informed of the restrictions concerning selling, trading, and bartering. There will be a merchant's row. (No, that is NOT a new form of melee.)

For those unfamiliar with this site from Beltane last year, ammenities include hot showers, flush privies, and potable water. The site is just outside Grass Valley, so obtaining last minute supplies should be easy.

The Wooden Spoon competition for June Crown will be Berry Anything. The Pied d'Argent competition will be the Saracen's Bransle, done according to the instructions in the May Page. The Arts and Sciences Championship competitions to be at Jne Crown are for calligraphy/illumination, needlework, textiles and composition. For further explanation see the January and February Pages. The Arachne's Web contest for June Crown is for tatted lace.

The autocrat is Gleda Eiriksdottir (contact info omitted).

DIRECTIONS: (omitted.)

See photos of this event

Due to an issue with the membership of the Crown Princess, the tournament was re-fought at Purgatorio without the victors of June Crown being allowed to compete (Radnor of Guildemar and Ysabeau of Guildemar).

You may read the letter from both the Kingdom Seneschal, and Radnor and Isabeau, about the issue noted above: Radnor Abdication Notice. This was sent to the populace either as a separate mailing or included in either the July or August issue of The Page. (I found a copy in a stack of newsletters received for use of the History site ... Hirsch)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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