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The Twentieth Year

Parent's Party -- Westermark

December 8, 1985 (AS XX)

From The Page (December, 1985):

Do your parents think the S.C.A. is a cult? Do they suspect we huddle out in the woods to sacrifice goats or worship goblins? Are they convinced we're trying to make their children into druids or -- worse yet -- yuppies?

Then let them come and see what the S.C.A. is really all about. From 3 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, December 8, the Barony of Westermark will be hosting a gathering for parents of young S.C.A. members and other interested folk.

Fighters under 18 now need their parents' "informed consent" before they can be authorized to participate in S.C.A. combat. This will be a good opportunity to show parents just what fighting involves. Whatever the weather, there will be, one way or another, a fighting demo.

In addition, there will be demonstrations and exhibits of other S.C.A. activities, such as armoring, lace and costuming.

Who's invited? Well, you, for one, if you're reading this. Also all newcomers, oldtimers, parents, children, grandchildren, prospective members, present members and former members.

There will be snacks.

The party and demo will be in San Mateo, in and around the recreation room of the apartment building wherein dwelleth Radnor of Guildemar.

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