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The Twentieth Year

Vakkerfjell vs. Rot Mahne War (in Golden Rivers)

June 8-9, 1985 (AS XX)

From The Page (June, 1985):

Excerpts from the Tribal Leaflet:

The blood-crazed, warmongering hordes of the warlord of Vaulkersvealg have launched their ships (actually in early December) and will be a while in getting here, but get here they will! (sooner or later) Be it known to all tribal warriors that on the date of June 8-9 at the Grasshopper War site, the forces of Vilkersberg and the Glorious Tribal Warriors will do battle to decide the fate of a thrall of Rolf the Relentless. There will be an assortment of scenarios as before (in the raid).

Also, there have been some mutterings overheard from the mud huts of the fearsome Walkerswhelgians that they are going to really attempt to turn out some fighters in Vast Numbers. So, at this point, I, Alfrik, the Kind and Gentle Chieftan, would like my chiefs to get the lead out and call their warriors together. Archery will be used, so plan accordingly.

I know that there are many friends of them Vaughkiersmelgians in the Tribe, but that's okay, you can still help chop them down. I have been assured that there is still a goodly supply of thrall material up there! Besides, we must save them from a fate of trying to remember how to spell their Shire's name. Aagggghhh!!

To the Gentle and Peaceful Populace of the West:

After perusing the above chicken scratch obtained from Tribe Rat Moan, we the gentle, peaceful,Generous, warm, kind, Generous, fun-loving, modest, GENEROUS populace of the tranquil shire of Vakkerfjell (note: to the vindals of the Tribe, that is spelled v-a-k-k-e-r-f-j-e-l-l) have only one thing to say:


We are accepting all aid given to lay waste these uncouth, bloodthirsty barbarians and their "kind and gentle chieftain"? (Whatever happened to Attila the Hun!)

I, Caristiona Bhan, as "thrall" of Ralph the Defenseless, do humbly submit my plea for all assistance to release me from this fate that's worse than death.

The site of this wear between Vakkerfjell and Tribe Rot (have you read the meaning of this word in Webster's?) Mahne is the Davies Ranch in Folsom.

Directions: (omitted)

The date of this monumental event is June 8-9, with Friday esetup. Bring water as there is none on the site.

All donations to help offset costs will be greatly appreciated. (To those in the tribe, this means we like to take money freely given.) If anyone would like to marshal, please feel free; just try to bring a fencing mask.

AUTOCRATS: Alfrik Favenesbane (contact info omitted). Ragnald de Vigne (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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