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The Twentieth Year

Valhalan Day on the Green -- Rot Mahne

November 8-10, 1985 (AS XX)

From The Page (November, 1985):

V.D.O.G. Returns

On November 8, 9 and 10 the red maned tribe is proud to bring you once more from the frozen lands of the north, the prize tourney to end all others. It is time once again to light the fires and unleash the bears for a Valhalan Day on the Green. We have again collected prizes from the far corners of the world over our very prosperous business season, and the chieftan has decreed that this year the prizes for V.D.O.G. are to come from the pick of the loot, er, imports. (We apologize for the conflict with Mists Investiture, but we weren't in conflict when we scheduled.)

Valhalan Day on the Green is a nordic prize tourney sponsored every year by Tribe Rot Mahne, a small Vendel household located mainly in the West. The proceeds from the tourney go to benefit the Principality of Cynagua and its smaller, needy shires. Set up will begin at 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon. Competitions are centered around a Nordic theme but all citizens of the Known World are welcome. No restrictions will be placed on people attending in non-nordic persona.

This year's competitions will include; the unbelted list (prize an A-Frame type pavilion( the Green Meanie is impressed)), a melting snowball bridgefight, the Ragnorok melee, the Gjalerhorn competition, and other nasty hack and slash fun. Tribe Rot Mahn also would like to remind all the fighters of the Known World that the score now stands at Rot Mahne 4, Known World 0 in the Rot Mahne vs. the Known World Melee. Some o fthe nonfighting events will be the new improved viking pentathalon, the Skaldic contest, and on site rune stone competition, a viking costume contest and lots more. The cooking cotest for this year will be one pot soups and stews for those long nights in many foreign lands.

And of course, the bears are waiting.

There will be a pot luck held on Saturday night, either outside of or in the Camp Pollok Great Hall depending on the weather. Breads A-E, Salads F-J, main course K-O, soups P-T and desert U-Z. Entrants in the cooking contest can substitute soup for their dish.

Come and make merry with your friendly, fun loving neighbors to the north.

For more information contact the autocrats, Valgard Stonecleaver, (phone omitted) or Gledda at (phone omitted).

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