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The Twentieth Year

Twenty Year Celebration (TYC) -- Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
(Held in Ansteorra)

April 25 - May 4 (AS XX - AS XXI)

From The Page (December, 1985):

During a meeting with Sigmund the Wngfooted, autocrat of TYC, we learned many items about TYC that we think would be of interest to the general populace: The pavilion camping area is a grass field divided into strips by hedgerows. The hedgerows are approximately 60 feet apart and 300 feet long. This soundslike a nice area for camping (certainly much better than many we've used) and will result in "streets" rather than a circle of pavilions around an eric. There will be three erics in the camping area and three inside the Renaissance Fair site. The Fair site also has flush privites and 20 (10 for men, 10 for women) showers. The general schedule of events is to have classes, symposiums, etc., in arts and sciences each morning and fighting events each afternoon. This is to allow those who would do both to come to the classes without being tired or having to shower first. Each day will be designated a "Kingdom Day" for one or more Kingdoms where a specific eric will be set aside for fighters from that kingdom to show fighters from other kingdoms how they fight. Each fight will be fought under the sponsoring kingdom's rules and customs and will be between a subject of that kingdom and a visitor. On May 1, there will be a grand court in the afternoon. The Crowns of each kingdom, or their representatives, will be present to hold court. The only kingdom vs. kingdom event at TYC will be the IKAC; archers should come prepared.

Sigmund says the weather should generally be fine at that time of year with temperatures usually in the mid-80's. There has been information in the TYC News concerning how to deal with rain and insects; this is to make sure you are prepared for them. The climate is sub-tropical so there will be insects. The Fair site is a valuable property which does not belong to us. (The police department of the local town, Magnolia, will be guarding the site, so do be sure to follow the rules.) Also, the owner is worried about fires. No ground fires will be allowed. Sigmund has gotten permission for us to use candles if they are in enclosed lanterns. All campsites must have a fire extinguisher at all times. There will be a place on site to buy ice every day. There is a supermarket, laundromat and bank about five miles from the stie. There is a convenience market just outside the gate. In addition to a daily newsletter there will be bulletin boards at various places on the site for you to announce any special events you are holding. Merchants: the state of Texas has finally given the TYC committee the information on how to apply for a sales tax license. Site fees are still being worked out for merchants (it depends on how big an area you need; whether or not you're bringing your own pavilion; etc.). Contact Bjo Trimble at (phone omitted) for more information.

We are making arrangements for Sigmund to give a presentation on the Twenty Year Celebration, including a slide show of the site, at Twelfth Night. His Grace will be available for questions after the presentation. If you have questions now, you can send them to us or to His Grace. In that way he wil be ready to answer them readily at Twelfth Night. Please welcome him as our guest and treat him well. He is spending four years of his free time to make TYC possible for the rest of us. James, Crown Prince & Verena, Crown Princess

From The Page (February, 1986):

The current admission fees for the Twenty Year Celebration (TYC) are as follows: $25 for an adult S.C.A. member, half price for 14 year olds and under who are children of S.C.A. members, babes in arms are free, and $35 for adult non-members. After April 15 and at the gate prices will be $30 for adult S.C.A. members and $45 for adult non-members. Send checks to 20-Year Celebration, (address omitted).

Anyone planning to go to TYC should subscribe to the TYC News. It is full of all the information you need to know about this once in a lifteime birthday party. It can be yours for a mere $7 sent to John Trimble (checks payable to him), (address omitted).

There should be several pages of TYC information, including a map, in the April Page. But for more complete information right now check the TYC News or page 7, and 31-37 in the Winter issue of Tournaments Illuminated.

(There was a full column in this issue of The Page on TYC Archery Schedules, and most of another column of Travel Arrangements ... both are omitted intentionally here. The March issue of The Page included a full page discussion about members of the Order of Chivalry being able to win a pair of 24K. gilt spurs at TYC; Renting Horses at TYC; and TYC Archery Rules, and info on Collegium Societatis. The April Page also included info about Collegium Societatis; TYC Equestrian info ... )

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"Some rememberences:

"The main reason I went to the event was to see my good friend, Gregory Falconheart, Knighted. By the time I and my traveling companions got to the site it was pouring down rain. Rumor had it that there was a hurricane hitting Galveston, and we were only about 65 miles inland from there. The rain was coming down so hard that it was pounding through the weave of waterproofed pavilion fabric and misting down on everything inside. Gregory was sitting in vigil during the height of the storm. I remember him saying something later about "nature reminded one of their own insignificance".

"The court where each of the (then seven) Kingdoms would knight someone was held the next day. As a member of Queen Verena's Guard, I remember myself and a few others being stationed on duty to help her when she needed to enter or exit the main tent. She had given birth to her second daughter just days before and was not back up to full strength as yet. I was fortunate enough to be "on duty" nearby when it was Gregory's turn to be knighted.

"I remember when they called for all Western Knights to come forward, that at least two of the Kings from the other realms joined the gathering. To me, Gregory's Knighting was one out of stories. Here he was, the King's Squire, being knighted at TYC at the Grand Court. I can't remember exactly whom the belt, chain, and spurs came from, but I do know that one was from Duke Paul of Bellatrix, and one from King James Greyhelm. Topping it off was a great "gotcha" from several of us who were Gregory's friends. We had purchased him a sword and had managed to keep it a secret. King James presented it to him there at court. Later Gregory said that he was so surprised that if James had let go of the sword he would have fallen over." -- Vlasta Ulveüs

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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