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The Twentieth Year

August Revel -- Stormhold

August 21, 1985 (AS XX)

For the evening of August 21 in the shire known as Stormhold there will be a grand feast and revel at the Abbey, Orrong Road.

At this magnificent feast several other parts of the Known World will be present.

The hall will open from 5 p.m. for setting up with the feast starting at 6 p.m., the feast has no set finishing time. Mundane wine merchants are located about 2 minutes walk from the hall and trade up to the hour of 10 p.m.

The tables will be setup for about 10 to 15 people per table. Each table will have one of its number designated as their steward, who will be responsible for the serving and carving of the food once it has arrived at the table and to ensure that their table has been served with each of the courses.

If anyone is needing costume, also if anyone has any to spare to supply the needs of those without, should contact Gwynfor y Llwyd Rhwy (contact info omitted).

The projected menu is listed below, but due to circumstances yet to be met some of the dishes may not be served. (The cook ruined the dish or the main ingredient could not be found.) At least 18 courses will be served and several more will be cooked to cover if any of the dishes get ruined.

Pardon the modesty of this menu. Many of the dishes will be familiar to some of you, but we felt it better to stick to the tried and true. We'll also have some surprises. First Remove: soup Normandy; chicken with lentils, cherries and cheese; roll mps (pickled fish); blueberry rice and artechokes; hare in cabbage; parsley bread; Politikopilan Tart; and Rowany Beef; Second Remove; rota (barley fruit soup); quail stuffed with dates and mustard; spitted lamb; black peres and cream; brie tart; short bread; herb fritters; eggs in eggs; and sandlewood bread; Third Remove: mulled mead; oros (deep fried artechokes); sea food Florintine (but not with both hands); leg ham; blanc mangere eggs, Dafydd's duck in fruits; quince tart; saffron bread. There will also be sauce limon, sauce Galantine and Cumberland sauce. Tickets are available for $20 from Thorfinn Hrolfsson (contact info omitted).

As so many courses are to be served it should be remembered that eating much of the first course will leave no room ofr the tenth, and other feasters will not be able to eat of this course. Imagine a plate piled with as much food as you could eat in one sitting then divide this into 20 portions. This is as much as you should eat of each course.

The feast will take up all of the main hall so a second hall has been hired, for some dancing and entertainments.

A general bardic competition will be held. Make your presentations not more than four minutes.

A competition for the ***** table setting will also be held.

A competition for the most courtly dancer, the dance program will include Sans Serif, Bransle Chevaux, and Bransle Official.

All entertainers wishing to compete in the bardic competition need to contact in writing Bradoc McCarrum (contact info omitted) with what they intend to present such as music, song or mummers play. Anyone who wishes to entertain at all should contact Bradoc McCarrum, documentation should be presented by August 1.

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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