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The Twentieth Year

Purgatorio Coronation

August 24-25, 1985 (AS XX)

From The Page (August, 1985):

Come to Purgatorio in Allyshia (Eureka, CA). Once again, West Kingdom Coronation is in the coolnorth.

Dates: August 23-25. Setup will begin at 5 p.m. Friday.

Site Fee: $2

Autocrats: Lady Kallessa Panthere, (contact info omitted) and FfellyanDrac the Blind (contact info omitted). Feel free to call either of us late when the rates are lower.

Site rules: Water is limited, please bring. Lots of people means lots of trash, please haul out. Parking should not be a problem, but do follow constable directions; no open fires, horses are welcome.

There will be twice the number of privies than at June Crown (HOORAY!)

Activities: Final Court of Paul and Rowena, Coronation of Michael Hugh and Iseult. Arts competitions: Illumination, calligraphy and prose story. Sciences Competitions: Leatherwork, metalwork, child's toy and siege engines. There will be a bardic circle and for the imaginative -- Pandy Bat! The Dun Cow Tavern will be down from An Tir. They will be serving breakfast and dinner. Reservations are not necessary, but they can be made by calling (phone omitted). Senkyu's Tea House will also be open.

Contests: Saturday; javelin throwing, knife throwing, unicorn hunt (bring two dozen cookies and a recipe), most outstanding codpiece, most enticing bodice and firestarting to light the bardic circle. Sunday; stag hunt (war bows and blunts), a box lunch prize for the best challenge issued during the weekend, and a list to choose the Queen's Champion. The Pied d'Argent competition will also be run sometime during the weekend.

Fighters: Remember that it is never too hot to fight in Allyshia, fight all day long. But be warned, when the sun goes down, it may get chilly so do bring your cloaks.

DIRECTIONS: (omitted)

Do remember that this is a longer drive than most of the populace of the West is accustomed to, so please take care to make it a safe and comfortable trip.

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Michael Hugh Stuart
Sable, a claymore inverted
between five annulets, two,
two, and one, Or.
Iseult nic Elam
Gules, a bend sinister argent,
overall a horse's head couped
at the shoulders counterchanged
argent and sable.
Arms drawn by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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