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The Twentieth Year

October Crown Tournament

October 5-6, 1985 (AS XX)

From The Page (October, 1985):

October Crown: Weekend of October 5 and 6 at Lake San Antonion County Park, northwest of Paso Robles. The site fee will be $3 per person. Set up begins Friday afternoon. No fires on the ground are permitted; fires in containers on the ground are permittd. As to pavilion arrangement, an effort is being made to provide those who wish to party into the small hours wtih an area where they will be insulated from those who do not. If this means you, consult your seneschal, who will receive a site map, as will the constables on duty.

The hopeful, and partial, schedule for Saturday is 10 a.m. Court; 10:30 armor inspection; 11 Parade of Champions and Invocation; Lists begin at noon. Her Majesty Iseult invites the populace to a tea given in honor of Her successor, Sunday at October Crown. In addition to the toothsome delicacies and charming company there will be singing, dancing and games on the green. All offers of food and services will be greatly appreciated by the autocrat (of the tea) Siranna of Hawthorn Hall: (phone omitted).

The Wooden Spoon contest for October Crown will be Date Anything. The recipe must be characterized by the inclusion of dates but they need not be the major ingredient. Please remember that your recipe and documentation are part of the entry. Any one with ideas for competitions they would like to see run next year, please contact Annette of Faire Monte (contact info omitted).

The Sciences contest for October Crown are winemaking (grapes) and woodworking (open). It's about 12 months late to start on wine but would-be entrants might yet produce some woodwork.

DIRECTIONS: (omitted)

For more information, contact the autocrat, Astrith of Swansvale (contact info omitted).

From The Page (December, 1985):

Curm-Bob Does October Crown

Curm-Bob meets the tarantula that ate Tarnmist.

I'm not saying this thing was the biggest one in the world, but if it had had just two more legs it would have been an entire principality all by itself. Don't get me wrong, Curm-Bob got nothing against spiders, he just prefers it when he don't have to look up at them.

Anyhow, October Crown. Saturday is your basic Crown List. Fifty fighters going for to be king at Twenty Year. Belts. Welts. Melts -- it was that hot. One semi is the two Steves. The other is James and Paul. That James and that Paul. Steven of Beckenham beats Steven MacEanruig, and James takes Paul. Finals time. Steven stops James in bout one. Long intermission. James wins bout two. Long intermission. Empires rise and fall. Rivers dig mighty gorges. Bout three. Steven legs James. James takes Steven's arm. The Second Coming passes unnoticed. So does the Third Coming. James legs Steven. It's Monty Python Holy Grail time -- we got two Black Knights. Just a couple more limbs to go and they can slug it out with gums and noses. Bop! Just when it ssems like the finals were going to outlast plastic and the pyramids, James finds a killing blow from somewhere and it's all over.

Sunday is peerage time. Meetings to cut up -- excuse me, evaluate -- the candidates, courts to install the lucky ones. Tropical breezes wafted across the field for Duke Siegfried's ceremony. Hey, no way was it a comment on his singin' or his BoD performance that the Great Wind come up precisely when the Big Guy was gettin' Laureled. Pure coincidence. The ritual went on and the pavilions went down. It was natural selection on S.C.A. architecture; rigid metal frames took it and ropes and poles didn't.

Astrith of Swansvale, the autocrat, got the other Laurel. Now Curm-Bob wouldn't tell you that every autocrat gets a peerage, but heck, it's worth a try, isn't it? See Da ... ahem, Geoffrey to volunteer.

Now comes the part you're all waiting for: the fus. (Eilis wants me to go to Berkeley and write about tofu fu, but I got some pride.) Large hairy arachnid fu. Double kill fu. Typhoon fu. More fu over yonder. (What is all this fu nonsense anyway?)

P.S. In case you haven't heard, one our good ole boys, Ronald Wilmot, is Crown Prince o' the East.

           Mean Old Curm-Bob

(This event chronicle was authored by Alan of Ockham, I mean "Mean Old Curm".)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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